Why I open carry
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Thread: Why I open carry

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    Why I open carry

    Let me first say that even though I almost exclusively open carry, if you choose to remain concealed, great, I'm just glad you carry. But I see comments on here (and on USConcealedcarry.com) that make me feel the need for this post.

    I have seen comments that open carry sets us back in the gun law arena as it makes people uncomfortable and sets a bad example. That we need to change opinions quietly and so forth. Can I tell you that I have NEVER ONCE had any body ask me about why I carry when I was concealed. But since I have been open carrying, I have had lots of great discussions about exercising my rights. And I have made a few converts that way. There are several businesses that I frequent, including a bank, and as people get to know me, they'll say "Can I ask you a question?" And it is either Are you a cop, or, what do you do for a living? And that opens the door for some good discourse.

    Yes some people might be uncomfortable when they see a gun. You know why? Because most of the exposure they get is from an anti gun media. Or movies. If they never see any regular folks toting a personal protection device, it is hard to get used to it. Some of the places I do business have cops posted on duty. It gets them used to seeing regular folks carrying also. I have never had a cop question me about carrying a gun, not even in the bank where I make deposits for my church. I have come across local PD, county and State Highway patrol and not once have they ever given me grief.
    And personally, if exercising my rights makes you nervous, move to China, where you don't have any rights to exercise. How I vote would make some folks nervous, but I don't check with em about that either.

    I used to see guys on that other website wringing their hands about what if their kids found out they carried a gun. You know what, you ought to be educating your kids and your wife about such things. My kids have known I carry, even when I was concealed, and they were taught that other folks did not need to know everything. Never had a problem. But my kids knew that Dad would protect them at all costs. The youngest was four when I started carrying. Believe it or not, children can be trained to obey Mom and Dad and not discuss certain things.

    You are not educating anybody by hiding it. If you aren't interested in educating anybody, that's fine. But don't tell me you are going to change anybody's opinion when you can't even let people close to you know. That is why I started open carrying.

    One last thing.I am self employed and most of the work I do is in Columbus, Oh. Some areas are kind of rough. A couple of months ago, I had a guy at a gas station get pretty agressive in his request for cash. At that time, the door to my truck was open and was between the two of us so he could not see my gun. I told him the money I had was going to be spent on a cold drink for myself when I went into the station. I never raised my voice or showed any emotion whatsoever. Maybe that made him think I was soft, I don't know. He moved on, but as I was walking to the door, he started to intercept me. When he looked down and saw the .40 M&P on my hip, his exact words were "Oh ho ho" as he made a quick u turn and headed in the other direction. At least I didn't have to call PD and explain that I just drew on a guy, or worse. By the way, he told me he had just gotten out of the county jail and didn't have any money. He was wearing surgical gloves and looked to be in desperate need of a fix. I thought he looked like a threat. I guess the feeling was mutual.

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    Great post!

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    I agree that this is a good post. However, I don't wish to engage anyone (except here) in conversations about why I carry. I'll leave that to others.

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  6. I agree when it comes to open carry.

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    It is great having the option here in NC. While I CC mostly, I dont get spun up or concerned if my carry just happens to become visible. To me, it would be a little stressful if open carry was not allowed at all as I would be very conscious of my weapon becoming visible. I dont have a lot of money to spend on dozens of holsters so I tend to get them so I have the capability to wear it both ways. I rarely get noticed but have answered a few questions on occasion.
    Due to the increased cost of Ammunition I will be forced to discontinue warning shots as of now! USAF Chief Master Sergeant, Retired, 1979-2005

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    CC mostly but will OC around my property (OC legal). Bcuz MO law allows municipalities to preempt state OC law it is tough to keep city limits in mind when moving about the metro. Safer to CC. But to Chief1297's point I don't worry about visibility when in OC-safe areas.

  9. I Open Carry a full sized 1911 in condition 1 from the time I wake until I lay my head down to sleep. I never am more than an arms reach away from some form of self defense. I live in rural community and get comments and questions all the time. Some positive responses, some not so positive. I am, as far as I know, the only open carrier in Buffalo County WI. I go to La Crosse and I see others open carrying. For me, I choose to OC because I do not wish to be a victim nor do I wish to have my rights ripped from me. Use em or lose em...

    Hardballer out!
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    I live in Florida, and right now, open carry is not an option. If it were, I would probably still carry concealed. But that might change if many people were open carrying. I'm still of the opinion that if someone knows I'm armed, they may: avoid me because of the risk, or shoot me without warning because I am their first obstacle to whatever they want. As long as no one knows I'm armed, I am just another citizen. In Florida, the crime rate has dropped dramatically since CCW was allowed. I have to believe that the BGs know there is a good possibility they may be killed if they attempt a crime.

    BUT - if OC was the law, and you saw people carrying all over the place, then I might re-think my options.
    -= Piece Corps =-

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    Great Post Hammer826. You sure the BG didn't say Po-Po, that's slang for Police

    Unfortunately here in SC we're not allowed to OC without extreme limited restrictions. I do believe the more people OC the more the general sheepeople will be accustom to and full acceptance would not be far behind. We'll be working on it with the new legislature this coming year.

    I do take issue with a recurring statement by others about being targeted first. I have posted numerous times on different threads and asked "Show me 1 example of a person that was OC'ing being shot first". NO one has yet posted a story. I've even ask a family member that is a retired DOJ Criminal Stats type and he could not give me one either. MY guess is that this is still embedded propaganda of fear propagated by the Left.

    Stay safe..........
    "The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities." --author and philosopher Ayn Rand (1905-1982)

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