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    I live in a small town in southern Arizona ten miles from the border, I don't go anywhere without my side arm. I carry concealed if I am in or about town, but when I go out in the boonies I wear a tactical holster on my thigh.
    I don't open carry in town because I just don't feel the need, but today when I was reading through posts I got to wondering if most people that do open carry, carry discretely (paddle holster high on waist) or obviously (tactical thigh or cowboy etc) and what impact it has on your open carry experience.
    What do you have to say?
    Hola amigo,

    I live West of Douglas about 6 miles north of the border. I OC about 90% of the time (vs. CC)in a Mitch Rosen open top with two additional mags on the left side. I pretty much stick to western dress, [email protected] and a Bailey straw hat or a Stetson depending upon what, where and when. I personally have found that if you are confortable, confident, polite carying a firearm and just go about your business that folks don't pay much attention to the 1911 on my hip, or perhaps they just don't notice it.


  3. I have just started to OC this past month. I carry a Glock 27 in a Bianchi paddle retention holster up high at 3 oclock and close to my side. I live in Mississippi which is an OC state however their ruling on concealed is" in whole or in part" as I understand it. That being said, a CCW permit, which I do have, is required to OC if your weapon is in a holster, being partially concealled. In my experience in the last month I've had one guy ask what kind of gun I had and the rest haven't really noticed as far as I can tell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Axeanda45 View Post
    OWB 3 to 3:30 with a Blackhawk Serpa retention holster.
    What he said. I'm from TN but travel quite a bit. I usually conceal but enjoy OC from time to time, such as today in the Gallatin National Forest in Montana.

    Extremely few notice. Never been confronted about it.

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    I usually OC in a Glock Sport holster with two additional mags.
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