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    Open Carry in Colorado

    I know the regulations here. Open carry is not regulated by the state however some cities have there own zonings against it. when I out of the Denver area I do a bit of open carry. I am interested in what other people do here in Colorado or what have been your experiences.

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    I OC in Co Springs and most people don't notice
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  4. From 1942 to 1945 my dad and his buddies OCed on just about every mountain between Vail to Camp Hale and from Leadville to Aspen. No one ever asked for a permit!

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    First off, it is not some cities that regulate OC. Denver is the only city/county that currently has a legal ban on OC. This includes parks owned by Denver such as Winter Park Ski Resort.

    As for me. I OC everywhere that is not controlled by Denver. So far I have not had any problems expcept for the occasional dirty look. I've had quite a few postive discussions with people though.

    Check out the forums in my sig. There is good info there. There is a thread at called "Where did you OC today?". It's a place to post your OC experiences, good or bad, so that others can see that just because you OC doesn't mean your going to get tasered and thrown in jail. Or have people run and scream and call the police.
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