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Thread: Open Carry in Georgia with or without Magazine?

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    Red face no this is late but

    Quote Originally Posted by Zander_SIG View Post
    Yea, I have been a member of GACarry for almost 2 years now. I kept a close eye on SB308 and I am glad it passed. Say, I posted a question on GA Packing if you think you can help me? Thanks all for the replies! Here is the link.. Firearm Discussion • View topic - Who should I contact about bills?
    anyway contact them ALL.....just mass email ALL the state level reps...who cares what district u are from the more ppl calling and emailing them the better....

    i live in SC..but i email FL VA MI and other state legislators about firearms bills all the time......sometimes i fill out address sometimes i don't...really doesn't matter......the more ppl contacting any legislator with pro-2nd amendment sentiments the better....

  3. Will do... I have already sent a bunch of letters (emails)... :)

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