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    Quote Originally Posted by walt629 View Post
    In PA, for the establishmnet had to generate at least 51% of revenue from food sale to be considered a resturant and not a bar.
    Now how is the average person supposed to determine that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by G50AE View Post
    Now how is the average person supposed to determine that?
    Well in TX (I think) they have to post a 51% sign. It is different from state to state, but in most there has to be some kind of indicator.
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    handgonnetoter - we are expecting something with CCW to happen this legislative session. At this time Wisconsin Carry Inc and some other guns rights groups are making huge pushes to pass a Constitutional Carry program. This will be a permit free system, like Arizona, Alaska and Vermont. With Wyoming just passing Constitutional Carry, Utah I believe is almost passed, Colorado and Kentucky are also looking into it, Constitutional Carry is the only correct way for this to proceed in Wisconsin. We have been behind the curve for WAY to long.

    As for Illinois, get involved with ICarry, ICarry.org Illinois and Wisconsin Right to Carry Concealed Carry Open Carry - ICarry.org, they are a group working with both IL and WI on guns rights issues, but ICarry does more in IL.

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