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It seems all to be B.S. anymore. We are really fighting hard for rights that we should have without any questions. Are you going to shop at a store if it is ok to ccw rather than open carry? Or would you shop at a store that only lets open carry? We should be Legal to carry anywhere as long as we have a permit without any harassment. Seems even though you do it legally, they always have something to down you on or harass you about. And that comes from an Indiana guy!!!!!!!!!!!
This is a bit long but please read all the way to the end

Are you aware that a "permit" is NOT the "right" to bear arms but is the infringement called "permission" from the state?

If we were able to exercise the right to bear arms without any "infringements" then we would not need to ask "permission" to be issued a "permit" from the State.

Also.... on the subject of "rights".......... private property rights trump just about all the other rights because you have the right to decide what can, and what cannot, be done on your own property. Most folks take that to only mean their homes but stores are private property too because private property is any property that is owned by someone (even a corporation) other than the government.

Soooo.... any owner of any property that isn't owned by the government has the right to ban just about anything.....

"No shirt, no shoes, no service" is perfectly legal and within the private property owner's right to decree as a rule.. a condition of *being allowed to shop there* (see below for *). So is "No Guns". And the law will stand behind the private property owner on those by arresting anyone under trespass laws that goes against those rules and refuses to leave when told to.

So what can we do about it?

Well... some folks say that "concealed means concealed" so if no one knows I'm disrespecting the right of the property owner who cares? Hmmmm... to me that smacks of a lack of personal integrity since the person sneaking the concealed gun where it isn't wanted certainly does know.

Then there are the folks who will honor the "no guns" rule and leave their gun in the car while they still shop at that business/store. And I don't understand why anyone would spend their money supporting a business that disrespects the right to bear arms.

And then there are folks who understand that the property owner has rights too and respects that right and won't take a gun where there is a "no gun" rule.... by not shopping at, spending money with, or supporting any business that has a "no gun" rule. For those folks a business with a "no gun" rule means that business is on their "no money for you" list.

If we are honorable folks we would realize that other people have rights too and because we expect our favorite right.. the right to bear arms... respected we would respect the private property owner's right to ban guns if he/she so wishes. To do otherwise is to engage in hypocrisy.

*About "being allowed to shop there".... many folks think that because a store opens it's doors to the public that the public has some sort of "right" to shop there. This is not the case because when the property owner opened the door he extended an invitation to the public to enter... subject to the public agreeing to abide by any rules... and by entering the public has tacitly agreed to abide by those rules. And the property owner can.. and most often will.. revoke that invitation (throw you out!) if you break those rules. So.... you, me, we, the public, do NOT have a right to shop/be on the property of a business.... we only have an invitation.