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Philly Police Harass, Threaten to Shoot Man Legally Carrying Gun - Stossel's Take Blog - FOXBusiness.com

"A new investigation was launched, and last month the District Attorney's Office decided to charge Fiorino with reckless endangerment and disorderly conduct because, a spokeswoman said, he refused to cooperate with police... He's scheduled for trial in July."
And Now the Rest of the Story....$25,000 judgment in suit against Philly over permitted gun

For those not from Pennsylvania, Philly has been sued numerous times over their harassment of both OC, CC and firearms owners in general, with the outcome of losing. Pa Law states that no Municipality, Twp can regulate firearms law. Philly just doesn't get the message.

The infighting between CC and OC needs to stop. Neither side is going to change the others sides mind and all this arguing does is give anti-gunners ammo.