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Thread: What do you think of how this guy handled being stoped for OC?

  1. Philadelphia code:

    http://www.amlegal.com/nxt/gateway.dll/Pennsylvania/philadelphia_pa/title10regulationofindividualconductanda/chapter10-800safety?f=templates$fn=default.htm$3.0$vid=amleg al:philadelphia_pa$anc=JD_10-818

    10-818. Firearms in Public Places. 187
    {Recent Amendments**

    (1) Definition.

    Firearms. "Firearms" means any revolver, pistol, rifle, shotgun or other weapon capable of propelling a projectile by means of an explosive material or charge.

    (2) Prohibited Conduct. No person shall carry a firearm upon the public streets or upon any public property at any time unless that person is:

    (a) licensed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to carry a firearm or licensed to hunt;
    (b) actively engaged in a defense of his life or property from imminent peril or threat; or

    (c) a police officer or member of the State or Federal militia on active duty.

    (3) Penalty. The penalty for violation of this Section shall be a fine of not less than three hundred (300) dollars and imprisonment of not less than ninety days.
    Also.... watch out for water pistols!

    10-810. Weapons and Dangerous Devices.
    (1) Discharging Firearms. 168 No person shall fire or discharge recklessly and without reasonable cause any rifle, gun, pistol, or other firearm.

    (2) Water Pistols, Electric Canes, and Miniature Cannon. 169

    (a) No one shall sell or offer for sale water pistols, electric canes, miniature cannon, or similar articles. 170

    (b) No one shall use water pistols, electric canes, miniature cannon or similar articles in any street or public place.
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    It sucks, but if he listened to the first cop, it probably would have ended there. He would have come up to him checked his permit and once he was a "legal gun owner" at least would have talked to him, don't get me wrong probably still pulled that illegal in Phila crap but it wouldn't have been the scene that it turned into. The combination of the failure to obey orders and the recorder do hint that he might have been looking for that. The Police are wrong all the time, but fight it in court and sue the crap out of them, don't argue with the guy or multiple guys with there guns pointed at you. No different than the cops in MA, they know what the law is....they just don't care. They were badges so there above it. They know most people won't spend the money to go against them, and there union reps will stop them from loosing there job. Those Phila cops are a disgrace to there uniform. The instant they verified the permit is should have ended there.

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    State of Confusion
    I think this thread shows one thing. We're all confused as hell about the laws in our states.
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by Golden Eagle View Post

    PART3 YouTube - pistolpackintim's Channel

    PART4 YouTube - pistolpackintim's Channel

    At least listen to part 4 at 4:54 on.
    Yep, looks like he got let go. Do you think this guy followed up and sued ect ect?

  6. What aggravates me is the way the officer(s) use words like "junior" "tough guy" "A hole" and the "f" bomb to belittle innocent citizens. Then when they find they are being recorded in the end the same officer is calling the OC sir! Far too many cops have a "god complex" they feel they are far above us as citizens and they can speak and behave toward us in anyway they choose because of the badge and gun. Yet were the OC to have used the same belittling terms and "f" bomb talk he would have been accused of combative language and so on. These kind of police officers and this kind of attitude is far too common in our country. Thank God it's not true with all officers! But still far too many! By the way this kind of "f" bomb language shows a weakness of character, not a good trait for officers of the law.

  7. "Bc1" cops shouldn't be! You got the gun, you got the badge, and you get the pay; you best know the job! You shouldn't have to put an innocent citizen through all that just to find out you are wrong! And then suggest if the innocent citizen had done something different things would have taken another direction. This is a clear case of officer ignorance and arrogance!

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    Harassment by Police--Seattle

    Seattle Still does not get it when it comes to OC. I have been harassed for OC 4 times now and once in my own yard. Latest was Oct. 2010 going for a walk when i was surrounded by 8 police cars and a pissed off Sgt. Threats were made by the SGT. and another officer for 45 min. after I was cleared. OPA has promised but has done nothing. Filed with the investigation by DoJ. They hired outside of the city here and this is what we have to put up with in Seattle. I am 53 and lok typical yet seem to be their project.

    I have a permit but exercise my right by doing both. When confronted I just keep my hands in plain sight and palms showing and wait for their questions. Seems to be getting worse here
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    FOLLOW ANY AND ALL POLICE COMMANDS DIRECTED AT YOU! Hash it out in court, later. At least you'll be alive to do so.
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    Quote Originally Posted by unevrno View Post
    FOLLOW ANY AND ALL POLICE COMMANDS DIRECTED AT YOU! Hash it out in court, later. At least you'll be alive to do so.
    Why should I have to follow orders that are wrong or will cause me harm? Let alone what gives the officers the right to point their firearm at a citizen when there is no threat or great bodily harm ? I am tired of all the people saying do what they say Bs just cause they have a badge does not give them the right to aim a deadly weapon at me because they see a gun on my hip in a holster. If a citizen did this they would be thrown in jail so should the officers that do things like that.

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    Because otherwise your heirs will be the ones hashing it out in court later.

    An order is not "wrong" at the scene. It is just an order from a police officer who has the ability to take action that would be very detrimental to you. A jury or the municipality's insurance carrier might later determine that the order was wrong, but at the moment it is given to you if it appears to be reasonable under the circumstances you had best head it.

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