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    i can see where people would be up set.
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    I can see many reasons for OC.

    And then there is this type of situation.

    Armed man raises alarm downtown | SeacoastOnline.com

    Even though CC and OC are considered by our circle to be a Constitutional right, not all of the public agree. Every situation relys on your common sense.

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    Forgive me if this has been asked before but I looked around a bit and couldn't find much on the subject.....

    I support OC but my question is, aside from the convenience of not having to worry about a CCed gun being exposed, what benefit is there to OC instead of CC??

    I don't plan on doing much (if any) OCing myself. I'm just wondering if I'm missing something.
    One thing that amazes me is how heated and angry people can get about this issue. I don't care whether or not a person carries openly or concealed. It certainly has the advantage of a faster presentation. But the biggest argument I hear is that it is a deterrent to the perpetrator. I believe this may be true in the vast majority of cases, where you are dealing with an inidvidual who is rational and has his/her own self preservation as the top priority. However, after 29 years as a mental health professional, I can assure people making this argument that there are a bunch of people running around out there who do not meet this criteria. Just two isolated examples are those who want to commit suicide but don't have the guts to do it themselves (it used to be suicide by cop but we may begin seeing rare cases of suicide by open carry citizen---the actual number of people who have done this is obviously low, but there are recorded instances). Then there is the individual who has no plan to survive an assault (the spree killer or terrorist). These individuals would probably have the advantage of carrying concealed and then present their firearm when they are able to have the element of complete surprise. Open carry folks would try to convince me that they are not the first people that would be taken out by this last group. Huh? The argument will be "oh come on, what are the chances of this type of thing happening?" To that I say, don't carry a firearm at all----I mean, what are the chances that you will be the victim of any crime?----very low statistically. But are people willing to take the risk? For these reasons I do not open carry and will probably not do so unless someone can give me a better reason than comfort and my rights. I'm all about self preservation and I think the element of concealment improves those odds. But again, everybody has to decide for themselves.

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    Faster draw and time to target.

    Allows more carry options. Gun as well as caliber.

    I believe one would be less likely to attack me if they see I'm armed. (common sense, I hope)

    It's simply our right to do so. Which is actually the most important.
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    some great points for open carry

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