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Thread: Words cannot express the stupidity of this LEO.

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    I was once told by a LEO that if I rested my hand ontop of a holster pistol facing someone as I talked to them, that I could be charged with brandishing a firearm and treatening them with a gun. Even on private property. The truly funny thing aboout the whole conversation was that the LEO had her hand resting on top of her S&W 5906. By the way this conversation took place in Califorina nearly 20 years ago, on private property after someone called the sheriff about shots fired out in the middle of the counrty. We were just target shooting at the target range a buddy of mine had mad on his ten acres. That is one thing i would worry about with open carry, doing something unintetionly and it being taking the wrong way. Then picking up a bogus charge.

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    This is another reason why, if OC passes here in Fla, I'll probably still opt to CC instead. The last thing I need is some overzealous LEO making my day more complicated.

    One thing.....the video was edited at the 33 sec. mark to make it look like the guy was saying that LEOs would draw on anyone who was OCing. Watching the entire video makes it clear he was talking about LEOs that were responding to dangerous situations and seeing somebody with a gun.

    I support OC but this video was obviously edited in a self-serving manner. I hate crap like that no matter who's side it benefits. It makes us look bad and puts our credibility into question.
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    A holstered firearm is not a threat. An unholstered firearm may be. How much training is required for that simple truth?

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    A friend of mine who was an LEO in the Dallas, Texas area used to complain about having to open carry because he was a "walking gun rack". Most times officers were shot was because a perp shot them with their own weapons. He carried a Browning High-power as his open carry because of the manual safety that untrained people would have more difficulty firing if they snatched it.

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