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Thread: open carriers will be murdered

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  3. Wow,... I am amazed,... and disappointed at the same time,... thanks Timmy, you are responsible for my headache... This guy is a fruit loop. I see he has started his own religion, apparently, I just had to check out his we site and well, he just gets weirder. He does have this car thing kind of going on... Oh well...

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    Sometimes I can't believe what a retard some people can be. This guy is openly threatening anyone carrying a gun that isn't in a police uniform.
    Lets see Jack ass, off duty police, detectives, judges, lawyers, retired police, FBI, CIA, ATF, US Marshall Service, undercover police, ect ect ect...
    They should take away his drivers license. If i made a threat with my handgun they would take my license and my gun.

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    WOW what a moron! Apparently he has no knowledge of reasonable threat levels! That is just crazy!

  6. Who's worst the one with the car making

    the threats or the one defending himself

    and his family ?

  7. Lets see . Who was Beavis's partner in crime Oh yeah BUTTHEAD

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    This turdroller would do well to stay out of Arizona. Seriously though... this clown's communicating a threat to a certain group of people. Isn't that (aside from the obvious) a civil rights 'hate crime'? If threats of that type were directed to any other group... the person who uttered them would be in the joint. I suppose 'open carriers' aren't entitled to equal protection? Ther guy's a goof... but goofs sometimes really do kill people.

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    Talking This is Why we Are Winning

    Another win under our belt.

    People like this are making things easier for us.

    Let him speak freely and often. We need the help..

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    Idiot with webcam

    I think you should publish that video as widely as possible. He should make the anti-gunners cringe in embarrassment. Can only help your case.

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    This guy is a ignorant jackass!!!

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