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Thread: open carriers will be murdered

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nightmare45 View Post
    Removing his license would be the same as posting "do not rob this bank" another sign that the "criminal" will ignore, the same falacy that the anti gun crowd believes. He posted a threat, and LEO should be notified, but be prepared to protect yourself. Women are assulted every day by husbands and boyfriends who are under a "peace bond".
    Heed these words, the news is full of this...well said sir!
    Keep your paws off my Carrots and my guns
    My rules to live by Never trust a squirrel, never french kiss an ardvark and never bring Jumbo hotdogs to a nudist colony barbcue.

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    I wonder what this kook would do if he is ever attacked in the street by a real BG and he discovers he left his lamp at home, He also has gone out without his purse and does not have his cigarette lighter and hairspray... Oh what shal he do now?

    I personally have made the descision to carry my lamp everywhere I go, I surely don't want to be without it should a dangerous situation find me. I have had some problems with finding a good way to carry it, I have tried tying the cord around my neck, but the lamp gets in the way of my steering wheel and the gear shifter... I tried wearing the lamp like a hat, but it is too tall to fit in the car.... Can anyone recomend a good brand of shoulder holster for my lamp? I have also tried IWB carry but I had to buy pants 6 sizes bigger, and my pants keep falling down. I was in the mall yesterday and I mooned everyone on the escalator...

    Another problem I am having is that He never exactly told me how to use the lamp for selfprotection... Do I have to plug it in first? Do I turn it on and shine it in his or her eyes? do I just swing it like a baseball bat? If I hit the BG and the lamp breaks, what then, If he is not incapacitated do I have to run and buy another lamp???? What if the BG is wearing sunglasses? What if the BG is an electrician?

    I could really use some help here, I'll have to keep carring my hand gun till I find out how to use the lamp thing...

    Oh yea one more question, where can I get some of those hollow tip bullets, just to use untill I get my lamp under control.
    Keep your paws off my Carrots and my guns
    My rules to live by Never trust a squirrel, never french kiss an ardvark and never bring Jumbo hotdogs to a nudist colony barbcue.

  4. OMG This guy has just said what he is going to do. So if he drives over some one he just confessed, to premeditated Murder.
    So thank you for the help dingbat. and you just gave any ccw or undercover LEO the right to shoot you dead if your driving.
    Thank you again. also the 1st step has been taken to your being locked up for video confession of any crime you commit.
    Brothers and sisters if you run in to this man and he says anything to you besides Hello call the police. He is threating murder on tape, and 2nd action in forwarding his crime ,( Lawers help me w/this wording. ) like getting in his truck and waiting for you to come out while he is watching you can be I think a crime. Is that enught to arrest him or do you have to wait for him to act.
    start his truck rolling at you. cause he is out of his ( ya know he looks like manson!!) Mind.

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    Boy would he have a hard time getting a lawyer to defend him on a vehicle homicide charge. TARGET PRACTICE

  6. To Wild Willy

    youre probably right this bozo has exposed himself but we dont know or care where, maybe in the right place for him , in prison.

  7. Guy is a complete nut, he thinks he is the "messiah"

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    The first thing an anti gunner is gonna do if you take out some scumbag who's shooting up the food court at the mall is shake your hand and thank you. Theyre all idiots...talkin out of both sides of their mouths. Carry On.

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    The saddest part of this whole thing is that we share the planet with this nut
    Keep your paws off my Carrots and my guns
    My rules to live by Never trust a squirrel, never french kiss an ardvark and never bring Jumbo hotdogs to a nudist colony barbcue.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by FloridaBlue View Post
    This guy is like a train wreck you want to look away but have a hard time doing it. This other video of his is classic!

    Explicit Language Contained Within: After FBI Visit, Anti-Gunner Digs Himself Into An Even Deeper Hole - Responsible Citizens of California

    On that final note I'm done with this guy.
    OMG!! I couldn't even watch the whole thing. What a nut... Of course shooting someone with a gun is violent. Unless you die of natural causes, chances are, it's gonna be violent. And yeah, a cigarette lighter and hairspray used in self defense would be violent too. I just hope it's effective.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ropadope View Post
    Having said that, this dude better get the drop on me or he'll be getting hit with as many .45 ACP JHP's that I can unload into his car window, including my extra mags. It would be a clear case of self defense, at least in this state. California is like a whole nother country of it's self. I hope that state just falls off into the Pacific ocean the next time an earthquake hits close, including the major Tsuenami that would ensue shortly there after.
    Wait - what?! Are you a member of his religion? This rant sounds nearly as crazy. Do you realize this Timothy guy doesn't live in California. Do you realize 'nother' isn't a word? Unloading as many rounds into a target as you have is a clear cut case of self defense? And you're attacking California?

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