Open Carry at Walmart with pics....Georgia
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Thread: Open Carry at Walmart with pics....Georgia

  1. Open Carry at Walmart with pics....Georgia

    Open Carry at Walmart with pics....Georgia-fajitas.jpgSo The fam went to Wally World to get some food and camping supplies (Mt. House foods, Magnesium fire starter) and my son snapped some pics in sporting goods and the meat section of me OCing my Glock 21.

    We were there for an hour in every corner of the Grand Re opening so their were corperate management and employees all over every square inch...suits everywhere.

    Not a singel strange look or comment the whole time except from some young man who said "watch out" as he spied the Glock 21 on my right side.

    Spied these vehicles on the way in.

    Heres on of Dinner...Grilling Fajitas tonight

    The motorhome was hauling a old dodge or chevy van un running no bumper grill or motor that was packed as a trailier. The motor home...NO SH!% looked like it had rolled down a cliff and the straps were holding it on the chassis. There was a split in the outer liner the whole side you see and insulation ect was hanging out.

    Never seen anything like it. The went from Michigan to AL and now back to michigan...

    Fun day
    Attached Images Attached Images Open Carry at Walmart with pics....Georgia-motorhome.jpg Open Carry at Walmart with pics....Georgia-glock-21-meat.jpg Open Carry at Walmart with pics....Georgia-glock-shotgun.jpg 

  3. Open Carry at Walmart with pics....Georgia-motorhome.jpgOpen Carry at Walmart with pics....Georgia-glock-21-meat.jpgOpen Carry at Walmart with pics....Georgia-glock-shotgun.jpgDont know why the pics dont show...They were in my album and in the post and then now they cant be seen??
    Any help?

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    Well I guess it's better than this:
    Anyone who says, "I support the 2nd amendment, BUT"... doesn't. Element of Surprise: a mythical element that many believe has the same affect upon criminals that Kryptonite has upon Superman.

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    Well I guess it's better than this:
    LOL...I saw this weeks ago...Funny I was thinking about it when son snapped the pics....

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