Open carry in Texas for CHL holders
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Thread: Open carry in Texas for CHL holders

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    Open carry in Texas for CHL holders

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    Good deal. I hope it does become law.

    I am giving serious thought to moving to TX in a few years...already love the Defense of Property laws, Helemt laws, the people are always great....this would be just one more bonus.

    I admit I don't often OC, but I think those that want to should be able to and considering that even printing can get you in trouble right now in TX, hopefully it would take care of that.
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    Praying it will pass and we can open carry, but will most likely CC anyway but the option would be nice.

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    Waiting on my CHL now. Open carry would just keep me from worrying about trouble with the law about accidentally displaying. I prefer CC.

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    i would welcome open carry here in texas. love the idea that i can do both. already have the chl. this would be a nice bonus

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    This is good news so far! Just thought I'd pop on here to confirm the rumors. Hard to believe what you hear or read these days. I would love to have the option, not sure yet if I would OC, but again, the option is nice to have.
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    It always amazed me that unlicensed open carry of long guns has always been legal in the Lone Star State, but not handguns, and, that even after this law passes, the open carry of handguns will only be legal for CHL holders.

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