Campbell v City of Wheeling et. al.
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Thread: Campbell v City of Wheeling et. al.

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    Campbell v City of Wheeling et. al.

    Got harassed for OC'ing in a KFC in December. Called the Chief to complain. He told me I will be stopped every time, as will anyone openly carrying, until a court says otherwise.


    City's Answer:

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    It will be interesting to see what results.
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  4. Thanks for posting this and please keep us informed of it's progress.
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    Please file a criminal complaint under USC Title 18 241 and 242 if it's feasable and have a grand jury indite them. We need to curtail this activity by our servants who we pay. Nothing against the profession of Police Officer. I have many freinds that are.
    Some are not qualified or competent to be. But they read what I give them and at least they think about it. One even said they didn't cover this in the academy. So when we start going after them when they screw up, With loss of freedom they may just start to get it. A few have said what I gave them made them rethink how they handled things on the street. Good luck!
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