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    finally getting my Indiana carry permit tomorrow. i am thinking about getting a Walther P99 compact. anything bad about this gun as a carry gun that I should know about. I have also considered a Walther PPQ.

  3. I had one.

    Have you shot at least 50 rounds through one? Do you want 9mm or .40? A handgun that is sweet with 9mm can be snappy with .40.

    Have you tried to find a holster for it? Other accessories?

    Do you like the sights? Can you acquire the target quickly with the stock sights?

    Does it fit your hand so that you can effortlessly pull the trigger without having to re-adjust your hand after each pull?

    If it breaks, how do you get it to a service facility?

    These were all the things I did not consider when I bought my first semi. I should have.

    Now, I'm not saying the P99 is a good gun or a lousy gun. I'm just saying that you should do some shooting with it and check out repair and parts options before spending your hard-earned money.
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