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Thread: 9 mm vs 40

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    I agree with most, where you hit is what really counts, I carry a G19 or my Kimber Pro 1911, for the range 9mm is the way to go, saves you $$$.

  3. I agree with nymoose.

    Practice and it doesn't what caliber you have they all have the ability to incapacitate anyone. It all depends on the person you are defending against. Ex: if they are under the influence of drugs, alcohol , other narcotics.

    I personally carry 9mm Speed Gold Dot 124 gr +P in my Glock 26.
    Just practice and carry what is comfortable for you. And also what you are able to conceal on your person. I'm able to conceal a full size 1911 on me but some have a hard time concealing a derringer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jtg452 View Post
    If you hit what you are aiming at and nobody but you and the coroner will know the difference.

    And pistol rounds that are less than a .454Casull don't have ANY 'stopping power'.
    Stopping power of a round can be assessed using OSSR formulas. OSSR or "One Shot Stop ratio" is a fast way to asses the impact a partuclar round may have on an attackers. The formula was created some time ago based on data from tens of thousands of police shootings where the bullet recovery and many other factors were known. The formula, which is only for hollowpoints, assumes the attacker is an average sized man (170 lbs.), is ten feet away, is wearing a single cotton garment and is shot in upper COM.


    (Bullet Wt. X .16) + (Muzzle Velocity X .04) + (Expansion X .72 - 34) = OSSR

    An example of a 9mm...

    147gr. X .16 = 23.52
    1000 fps X .04 = 40.00
    (.6" expansion X 72) - 34 = 9.20
    OSSR = 72.72%

    For a .40 the OSSR increases, depending on the round, to 80%-87%. A .45 may exceed 100%. A .454 or .500 magnum is significanlty above 100%.

    So your "one shot stop ratio" will indicate that a 147gr bullet at 1000 fps, expanding to .6" hitting upper COM on an average size person wearing a single cotton garment would be 72%. If the atacker is bigger or is wearing heavy clothing, this number goes down and a followup shot will likely be required.

    This should not be used to determine the exact affect of a shot but merely to gain a general idea how a particular round may perform. The numbers are adjusted based on size of attacker, clothing and distance.

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    Properly placed shot will kill you just as dead with a 22 as with a 50 cal, and will leave the family more to bury.

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    Numbers like OSSR and the like are completely ridiculous!

    A 22 to the brainstem always beats a 454 Casul in the buttocks.

    Stopping power is a MYTH!

    No small arms round knocks people off their feet. This has been so completely disproven!


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    Yes, yes, sooner or later somebody MUST say that you need a 45 or else this thread will not be complete!

    Personally I agree with those that said try to find a caliber that works best for you and that you have the most control and accuracy with. Cause if you don't hit the BG you might hit somebody else.

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    Both Calibers will do the Job. It's shot Placement that will determine the outcome. I prefer the 9mm! as others have stated,it's lighter and less exspensive. But I Re-load all my Ammo to save even more money.Good Luck,Be Safe

  9. Argument of "stopping power" to me seems like a waste of time if your not law enforcing or military. I say this because two shots on center mass will do its job.....unless your dealing with the Hulk or a body armored BG. I just hope your not using the stopping power as your reason. Good luck in court should that happen explaining it...they will pin you as a "you were looking for a fight" type. Sure its only tiny sliver in the big picture, but sometimes that's all they need to put you on what would of been a reasonable seat.

  10. Glock to the rescue

    Glock 27 gives the power of the 40 with the option to get a 9mm barrel for target practice. You can also change the barrel to a 357 Sig to get higher power shot. All can be reloaded reasonably. Lots of fun and great confidence in protection.

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    Personally, I think the best carry weapon is a BB gun. You simply look around and find a nearby Grizzly bear, hit him in the butt with a perfect shot...the bear is now HIGHLY pissed off, and looks around to see who shot him in the butt. Of course, the BG is too stupid to know all this, and is oblivious to the bear, who of course eats the BG after a very short dismemberment, as he separates his main course from dessert.


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