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    Let me clarify. My son is a military MP, so stopping power is of major concern to him. The discussion started because the Army issues Berretta 9mm. He prefers the Springfield XD 40 which is gun of choice for local Law Enforcement. I feel that for personal protection, 9mm will do the job I need. I don’t necessary need a kill shot, just a stopping shot. He tells me that drugged up muggers will not even feel it. I did not mean to infer that practice, practice, practice was not of utmost importance.

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    Does one tend to make you carry the gun more often?? If yes, then choose that one.
    Both will do the job..
    I have to remind my friend often in conversations that I am not a law officer, and I do not live in Beirut. I shouldn't be in a place that I need more than 6 bullets. The chances of me ever actually needing a weapon is VERY SLIM. The chances of me being in a situation where I need 17 round magazines and multiple Magazines at that is astronomical.
    Buy what you will carry daily.. IT's better to have a .25 in your pocket than a 9 or a .40 in your safe IF you need it..
    I could only have one gun, so I made a list of my requirements and went to multiple gun shows and narrowed the list down. This way I purchased a gun that would suit most of my needs.
    IF you are rich, who cares about the cost of a bullet. but if you are not, then if you buy a 9mm will you go to the range more often because it's cheaper?? This leads you to be more trained, and ready for that conflict IF it should ever happen?? Then it might be better to go with the 9mm.
    Like I said.. Buy whatever you will carry the most often.. Whether it's a .25 or a .44 Magnum..
    I personally decided on a 9mm..

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    I guess my carry weapon and calibur depends on my dress code for the day. I can conceal everything from my 1911 to the little LCP no problems. Never worry about stopping power for if I do my part the bullet will do its. Practice is key. For those that want both some manufacturers offer drop in barrels in the smaller caliber. I went this route on the G27 versus the G26 years ago. Cost of 2 guns versus just buying a 9mm barrel and magazine on the same platform. Could go down in caliber from .40 to 9mm with the G27 but can not go up 9mm to .40 in the G26.

  5. I carry my 9mm daily, XD 5” tactical I carry this one because I shoot it extremely well and I am comfortable with it. After all of my research a 124 grain +P JHP has as much stopping power as any .40 cal round (which there are no +P rounds for) beyond that it is .45 and I like both my money and shooting. I do own a few 1911’s in .45 but do not train with them for edc so choice for carry is my XD 9.

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    I believe a 9mm can do the job, but for my peace of mind, I use a G23 .40 for carry with Hydra-Shoks, and I am seriously considering my G30sf .45 - for HD a Mossberg 12ga backed up with a G21 with +P because I'll be too sleepy to argue in the middle of the night.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bighouse Doc View Post
    Numbers like OSSR and the like are completely ridiculous!

    A 22 to the brainstem always beats a 454 Casul in the buttocks.

    Stopping power is a MYTH!

    No small arms round knocks people off their feet. This has been so completely disproven!

    There is some truth to your statements. OSSR should not be used to predict how a round will perform in a shooting. It is a formula based on known data that shows how the round performed in past shootings.

    Most people think bigger is better but you are correct about small calibers. WWI was started with the killing of the archduke, with a .32 cal. WWII ended with Hitler's suicide which I believe was a .32 cal. Robert Kennedy was assassinated with as .22 cal. Meier Kahane was assassinated with a .32 cal. The list goes on and on.

    As you said, a .454 in the buttocks is useless. Shot placement is the most important factor.

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    Stopping power formulas are nothing other than a study in probability. You can be carrying a weapon that has a 99% one shot stop probability, but if you are the 1% that happens to show up that day, you are screwed. Tactics and practice with what you carry are the key. I still think of all the factors, tactics are the most important. As Wyatt Earp once said, the best way to be sure of winning a gunfight is to not show up to it. This is particularly true for a civilian, who really has no business going out looking for trouble like those in the military or police forces are forced to do.

    To answer the OP, most credible stopping power reports that I have seen show the best rounds out of the 40 S&W to be no better than the best rounds out of the 9mm, particularly the +P and +P+ loadings of the 9mm. The .40 makes a slightly bigger hole, and the 9mm is faster and often times flatter shooting and easier to control for followup shots, not to mention that it often carries more rounds to begin with. However, these are all variables that render any real comparison useless. It is just too hard to compare apples to oranges. Personally, I prefer to carry a .45 ACP. However, I happen to have a Beretta .380 on my hip as I type this. I would feel adequately armed with any well made, accurate firearm that I have practiced with and have become comfortable with, and there are 9mms as well as 40s in my collection that fit that bill.

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    I think everyone has already said what needs to be said on the subject. Do the research!!! Go through all the studies and information you can, then decide what you'd rather have.

    Me: I like 9mm. With the practice I put in I feel I can drop a target with any caliber... With modern defensive loads, 9mm does actually out perform .40 in some areas... depending on the load & who made it. As .45 can out perform both 9mm & .40... And then .40 can out perform them both in some cases!!!

    Another big benifit "I" like about 9mm is it's cheaper. Meaning I can buy that much more ammo, and practice that many more times. Now, for some... this is not an issue! Some people have more money than others... so again, it's up to you!

    Also, 9mm has less recoil in most cases than .40... "I" like that b/c it is just that much easier to get back on target. Of course, with practice I have gotten very good follow up shots with my 1911 .45 as well. So, again... it's what "you" like.

    As far as what is a better "man stopper"..... even with all the research out there, I don't believe that with well placed shots any person(except ppl extremely high on meth, etc) will simply brush off the shots to continue attacking me or my family. I trust my life and the lives of my family to a .380 ACP firing Speer Gold Dot ammo.

    Just make sure you practice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!
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    For your consideration, taken direstly from USAammo.com website.

    Caliber Grain Type Velocity Energy Bullet Coefficient
    380 Auto 100 FMJ 940 200 0.131
    95 JHP 950 190 0.08

    Caliber Grain Type Velocity Energy Bullet Coefficient
    38 Special 158 FPFMJ 890 278 0.057
    158 FMJ 900 285 0.0.174

    sorry for any reading issues tables not translating into post very well

    Caliber Grain Type Velocity Energy Bullet Coefficient
    9x19 mm 115 FMJ 1150 340 0.147
    115 JHP 1150 340 0.119
    124 FMJ 1120 345 0.149
    124 JHP 1120 345 0.149
    147 FMJ 990 320 0.184
    147 JHP 985 320 0.165

    Caliber Grain Type Velocity Energy Bullet Coefficient
    40 S&W 165 FMJ 1150 485 0.136
    165 JHP 1150 485 0.136
    180 FMJ 990 390 0.164
    180 JHP 1000 400 0.175

    Caliber Grain Type Velocity Energy Bullet Coefficient
    45 Auto 230 FMJ 860 380 0.143
    230 JHP 890 405 0.192

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