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Thread: 9 mm vs 40

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    My son and I have been having some discussions lately about using a 9 mm vs using a 40. he likes the 40 because of it's stopping power. I think the 9 mm hollow points supply enough stopping power to get you out of any situation. Plus with 9 mm, the cost of shooting is quite a bit less. What is the opion of this forum?
    There truly isn't very much difference in the stopping power between the two. Stopping power and ballistic energies are not the same thing, so don't let anyone try to fool you with that one. Shot placement is key, not caliber!

    That said, remember that the typical .40 S&W target round is flat-nosed (truncated). That's like trying to push a bull-dozer through the air which isn't exactly proper physics. Yes it can get there with enough force, but it's not aerodynamic to say the least which is why the .40 has so much snap to it. It takes so much more force to get it into the aerodynamic bubble.

    So a genuine thought here is that if you employ the right hollow points and put the shots where they're key then either choice is fine. It truly becomes personal preference. If any incident occurs within the DOJ statistics (75% of police shootings within 21 feet) ammo choice is going to be of very little issue unless you're carrying FMJ which is just hazardous to do as the body doesn't stop FMJ as well as it will a hollow point.

    I'll try to drive this point home with a personal experience from this weekend. National Guard recruiter came out to help with Wounded Warrior and brought his 1"-2" thick rifle plats for a pistol side match. One plate was so thick and heavy (leaning slighly forward as well) that a Remington UMC .45ACP wouldn't knock it over and neither could the Winchester .45ACP (fired from 2 different pistols). However, the 9mm NATO at what sounded like it was twice the velocity of the .45 had no issues knocking it down. Sadly at that speed and being FMJ it would have ripped straight through a human body in a complete unadulterated pass-through to any soft tissue. Had it been any bullet moving at that rate of speed it would have likely been a pass through without shot placement in the thoracic, the head, or other large bony area like the pelvis.

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    I knew a guy that was in the wrong place, and was killed by a single .22 cal. I like the 9mm for the price, and higher capacity (17 in my Taurus 24/7). For plinking I get cheap ($8.55/box) steel case ammo, for actual defense I load Hornady Critical Defense. I can hit a soda can at almost a 100'. In most situations (since I OC), I think just having a gun is enough deterrent. BG's don't want a fair fight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jtg452 View Post
    If you hit what you are aiming at and nobody but you and the coroner will know the difference.

    And pistol rounds that are less than a .454Casull don't have ANY 'stopping power'.
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    When you talk about cost of shooting it sounds like u want something to shoot a lot so get a 9mm for shooting and keeping your house safe and get a 40cal to wear as a personal protection weapon. A 9mm even with hallow points can and will travel right thru a attacker not stoping their forward motion where a 40 cal u will physically see stopping power. When I carry my gun I don't plan on needing more than a single mag so cost of ammo plays no effect in it.

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    Like others have said, 40/9mm it really doesn't matter if you cant hit what your shooting at. I carry a Glock 23 on duty and a Glock 26 off duty. I practice more with my off duty gun because I have to reach under my shirt to get it and it's not as smooth as get and go from an exposed holster. I do like the 40 cal as my primary weapon... 9mm is just way more practical to shoot if you practice (cost wise) and buy your own ammo.
    second: It doesn't make any difference if your gun ain't there with you, I come across a lot of people that have permits, but don't carry their firearms. I ask and they tell me its too awkward or heavy. Why waste the money and deal with the government if your not going to carry?

  8. I had to make the same choice.
    I love shooting a 9 but I went with the 40 because of the power.
    The recoil is a little snappier and the ammo is a little more. However the cost difference isn't too bad and with the XDM I only loose 3 rounds of capacity.
    I think just flip a coin.
    With the advances in defence ammo a 9 kicks booty, but the 40 still has a little more.

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    I think that would be some damn good shooting!!

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    So... most people agree that it doesnt matter 9mm or .40 if you can place the shot and practice, practice, practice...

    In that case, its a lot cheaper to practice with the 9mm.

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    you know, there really are SO many opinions on both sides of the stopping power argument. bottom line is, they're all opinions. i don't personally agree with the thinking that all pistol cartridges are under powered. a 9mm into the central nervous system WILL stop. i mean, we aren't going to encounter a grizzly bear at walmart for crying out loud. we aren't getting into gun fights involving heavily armed drug dealers with kevlar vests on, (if u r, then u may want to rethink some decisions in your life!) and we aren't getting into shootouts having to blow through barriers, we are everyday civilians wanting to protect ourselves from every day, human attackers. you don't need to pack a .500s&w to drop a 190 lb guy who wants your wallet... i say carry the largest that you can carry comfortably all day and don't worry about it. hit what u need to hit, and the bullet will do its job.

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