No to open carry
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Thread: No to open carry

  1. No to open carry

    I won't my gun cocked and locked

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    Quote Originally Posted by jason View Post
    I won't my gun cocked and locked
    Speaking of "Cocked and Locked", I haven't seen him on the forums in a while. Is he ok?

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    Did someone just feel like shaking the hornets' nest today?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by jason View Post
    I won't my gun cocked and locked
    What does this even mean? Your "sentence" makes no sense.

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    Jason, I appritiate you wanting your gun "cocked and locked" but what has that to do with open carry? I carry cocked and locked concealed legally here in Florida but I think having the option to carry openly is great, and where I've had the opportunity to be where you can, I did.

  7. Logic understand not of sentence this.

  8. Why would you won't to carry a unloaded gun openly?

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    I think the OP doesnt know what cocked and locked actually is.......Looks like he thinks it is unloaded and LOCKED so you cant use it.....

  10. An explaination

    Perhaps Jason needs to be educated. Locked & Cocked-a bullet in the chamber, safty off, hammer locked back. ex. 1911. Different pistols have different systems. As for me open or concealed Locked & Cocked is the only way to go, that 2/10, 3/10 or how ever long it takes you to rack a round could be the differece in life or death. Me I chose life.

  11. That's bullet in the chamber and safety ON yes I know what it means I carry a 1911 but with the open carry law the gun has to be unloaded

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