Open Carry with a CPL
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Thread: Open Carry with a CPL

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    Open Carry with a CPL

    This guy was telling me that if you OC with your CPL, you are at risk of losing your CPL. Is this true? It just doesn't make sense to me, but also, laws are not made up with sense in mind I guess. Thank you!

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    Depends on which state your talking about.

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    He is right..unless your state allows for open carry..Then you are breaking the law it could even be a felony
    You can not be a felon and hold a CCP let alone own a gun..

  5. In Oregon, having a CHL specifically *GUARANTEES* your open carry right, even in cities that otherwise block open carry. (For example, Portland. In Portland, "loaded open carry" is banned along with any concealed carry - unless you have a CHL, then you can concealed carry, and loaded open carry.)

    However, certain "protected locations" can still ban open carry to CHL holders, which means they have to carry concealed there. I don't remember what the precise details of that are, but it's very few places. (I think schools are one of them.)

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    Too in Missou not all counties have OC laws, so travelling along them or between them, I will have to conceal and open carry as I go along? Too much work...just CC and it covers all the counties.
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  7. I suppose I should also clarify... In Portland, having a CHL may guarantee you the right to open carry, but open carrying will also guarantee you a visit from the police to VERIFY you are carrying your CHL.

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    in the state of

    In Utah your permit allows open carry fully loaded. No permit requires two actions to fire. Idaho permit allows open carry fully loaded in city. Outside city no permit required. Of course each state has where guns are not allowed.

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    Had a store clerk tell me in Washington, it has to be completely concealed or completely open. If you conceal and it prints or the tip shows, you could get in trouble. Anyone have any info if that is true?

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    Sorry about not posting my state, I'm in MI. Open carry is legal without a permit.

  11. Chen, the only word I've heard on that here in Oregon was an incorrect officer who once told a friend of mine that his (legal where he was) open carry was "disturbing the peace", and he had to cover it up (without a concealed license.) Needless to say, my friend mentioned that he didn't have a CHL, and offered to put the weapon away in his vehicle rather than continue to tempt fate with this wrong officer.

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