Why Open Carry is a bad Strategy
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Thread: Why Open Carry is a bad Strategy

  1. Why Open Carry is a bad Strategy

    Open Carry has many fans, but when it comes down to a firefight, it will fail you.

    When you Open Carry, you are signaling the world that you are prepared for a fight, even if you are just bluffing!

    Bad Guys are not afraid of you unless you are actually ready to fight.

    And they aren't going to give you that chance.

    Combat Strategy demands that you have the offensive, the edge, the element of surprise.

    Tactics learned on the conventional firing range are worthless in a real fight. The Bad Guys aren't going to give you time to get ready, and sight in on them. They want to win, at your expense.

    Concealed Carry is the way to go on the streets. You get the element of surprise.

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    Do you realize the can of worms you've just opened up?

    I too prefer concealed, but just because it's the carry method of choice for you and I that doesn't make it ideal for everyone.

  4. i am waiting for the open carry law to pass down here.waiting for a long time.

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    This is the way i feel also, but its a persons personal choice to carry the way they want to. The only time i open carry is when im out riding the trails on my ATV, otherwise i conceal carry all the time.

  6. Well, is it a can of worms to make sure that the good guys come home safe?

    And each can carry as they see fit.

    As long as they have thought through the effectiveness of their strategy, then it's their choice.

    I prefer having the edge!

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    Why do cops open carry?
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    This could get heated, so you guy's help yourself to some popcorn. I put extra butter on it.

    Why Open Carry is a bad Strategy-popcorn.gif

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    Gee whiz, mister. I hope you packed extra ammo.

  10. "Cops" is the operative word here.

    You are going to be fighting alone, not with a partner, backup forces, a dispatcher listening in, and an arsenal in the patrol car!

    There is no comparision.

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    I'll take the buttered popcorn, but with lots of salt!
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