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    I agree I OC all the time. Most people don't notice if they do they look down back up and go on with their business.

  3. Texas has a proposed bill to change the concealed handgun law reportedly to simply strike out the "concealed" part to effect an open carry law. My only concern with is, will those of us who would still choose to carry concealed now be violating the law by concealing our weapons. Open carry is fine for certain situations and for others I'd rather conceal. I want the option.

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    I would think, if the law doesn't specify, then either would be allowed with a CHL, which would likely be changed to something like PA's LTCF (License To Carry a Handgun).
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    +1 exactly
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    +1 Exactly
    Quote Originally Posted by fireman3855 View Post
    I think it's a bad idea. concealed carry gives you time to address the situation, identify how many are involved and gives you the element of surprise. with open carry if your not alert 100 % of the time you could easily be the first target.
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  8. Ok so the right to carry open in wisconsin is lawful. I think it should be.
    But with open carry comes a responsibilty to protect that gun too from abuse and you should not have your hand on the grip walking around looking at everyone. walking like you want someone to draw.
    the truth of the matter is it's your right to carry open but if i am a badguy thinking about robbing a 7-11 or any store and I see you in the store walking around with a gun on your hip i will probly not robbed that store unless you could not be a cop cause your 75 years old and you walk with a cane and have glasses and one hand. then I might think if your not looking around if i can get behind you and get your gun and use it to rob the place. so it could happen of course the goodguy could be a marine combat vet and throw me over his hip and shoot me in the head. but the fact that i see the gun gives me the idea to try and take it.
    so guard your gun every cop knows he has too, cops get killed ever year with their own gun. look it up.
    bank guards and armorcar guards get killed cause it's easyer to kill them right off the bat then take them alive and still armed it has happen. see "armorcar robbery chicago"so be careful of who is around you and control your gun thats what open carry is all about it a right that has responsiblitys too.
    so carry and be happy but be careful.
    and be nice your drunk hillbelly banjo playing cotton picking firefighter haters. LOL
    just kidding your more I am going type this stuff for fun me too.

    Oh Next time I will play like I hate postman cause they bring all that junk mail. cause if i get congrats your just won a bezillian dollars from penut butter makers of american sweepstakes I am going use my glock 1000 to spray tiny atombomb rounds all over pas-kip-si new jersy. ( Is there a town name that i was just kidding. ) so be nice firemen are people too and what job do you do cause i can find people in your job who don't like milk too. or open carry.
    from can we not get along in this great big wonderful place. except for you mr munster you drive over my
    begonyas again and i am calling the treehugger assoc in fresno cal. and report you. flowerpower for ever.

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