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Thread: OCing and CCW Badges

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    Is that why you resort to threatening people when you can no longer defend your POV?? Yeah, "peaceful man"...right. You're nothing more than a frustrated bully-wannabe who's probably gotten his butt kicked (repeatedly) and uses the internet to vent his frustration and to soothe his battered ego. Yet another keyboard badass.
    B2Tall, this is the same type of guy who would have beaten up Harvey Gant at Clemson or beaten up Rosa Parks in Mongomery, Alababma. He is a bully, who has not grown up from a forth-grade attitute.

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    What were we arguing about anyway?

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    This thread is going to be closed and if I see another one like it come up and the arguing begins again I will be taking the dust of the ban stick.

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