How many open carry revolvers?

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Thread: How many open carry revolvers?

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    Question How many open carry revolvers?

    Just curious, how many here choose the revolver for open carry?

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    BTW, I sometimes use the phrase "bottom feeder" for automatics because the cartridges come up from the bottom of the magazine. Thus "bottom feeders" to annoy the guys who insist that revolvers are outdated.

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    LOL @ "bottom feeders" - that's pretty funny.

    I can't open carry here in Mass...but would probably alternate between revolver and auto just like when I conceal. I guess that makes me bi?
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    I had to vote auto because that is what I carry 95% of the time. If I am going to a special function, I will wear my "Sunday go to meetin'" gun, 1851 Navy cap and ball revolver. I picked up a leather holster in Iraq for my M-9. It has the Iraqi leather company's name on the back. Funny, though, the snap on the retention strap is the "Great Seal of the State of Oklahoma"! When I got home from Iraq, I discovered my "Iraqi" leather holster from Oklahoma fits the 1851 Navy almost perfectly, so that is what I carry it in.
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    Although I carry a auto 95% of the time I do carry a colt python 357 some of the time, lest you feel revolvers are slow or outdated you might look up Bob Munden.

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    G50AE is also my S.A.S.S. nickname.

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    Both. Too bad its not a choice above. S&W 586 6" when in Virginia City, NV in a low slung cowboy rig just to blend in with all the other wheel guns. :)
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  9. Living in VA I can carry open or concealed...I often carry open with my Ruger GP100 in .357Mag.

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    I'm not an OC (given that, we won't go "into" the dead horse beating..... again.), but I do like to carry my Ruger .357 SP 101 IWB, when it is the most likely candidate to carry given weather and appropriate clothing considerations.

    My wife always "carries" her S&W .357, and has my Taurus tracker 7 shooter for her first response home defender. (She thinks the less muss and fuss with the revolver versus an auto for quick, surprise battle mode suits her better.) Since she is a dead shot with wheel guns, better than with autos.... I'll let her keep her preferances just the way she likes them.

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