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    Ok what they say now

    Has anyone read the Wisconsin state journal today?. now they are saying that a hunter safty card is not sufficient for concealed carry, and that the D.O. J. are still righting the regulations for this.
    I posted earlier on this and was told that what the legislation had aready set the qualifications for c.c,and that a huntersafty card meets the requirerments for this. Is this just more dis inforation from the media? .

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    Wisconsin DOJ has very limited authority to write rules on this. They can not change the law. You can use a hunter safety cert as proof of training. I highly encourage anyone and everyone to read up on the law and get as much training as you have time and money for. You shouldn't be required to get training but I would hope that most would realize that a hunter safety course does almost nothing to benefit you for concealed carry except helping discern action types and some safety with firearms.
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    Despite what the regulations says, added training is most definitely needed especially for CCW-ers. If by law you are required to get extra training just to get your license, then take the extra course, especially if you are young-er. It will be to your advantage too in the long run as it is really very hard to use your rifle as a CC weapon. My opinion.
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