Any Advice for a woman?
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Thread: Any Advice for a woman?

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    Any Advice for a woman?

    Any advice for a woman who lives in the state of iowa, im looking for the best way to get a licence to carry a gun, but at the same time want to learn as much as I can about shooting, parts of a gun, proper care, all the basics. My husband is gone a lot but has taught me a lot about saftey with guns. im looking into it for safety of myself and my children when he is gone, and we travel alot also, any advice for which would be the best class to take in Iowa, where I will actualy learn something?

  3. Depending on how familiar you are with guns a revolver is a great way to start. Very easy to use and maintain and you don't have the hassle of racking the slide which a lot of woman have issues with.

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    I am teaching a class that addresses all that and more beginning in January. Do you think you could move to Tucson by then? ;-) But seriously, I am encouraged to see another woman taking an interest in guns and more than just how to shoot a revolver. Racking a round is the coolest sound in the world. Don't be afraid of semi-automatics. I have mastered several.

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    This is a good place to start. You can search classes by subject and region. - Portal for NRA certified Instructors, NRA Education and Training

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    You might want to look into the NRA's Eddie Eagle program for the kids.

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    You should also post this in the IA state forum here, and/or NRA also has a program called "Women on Target" (at least here in WA) Welcome to the forum, but just make sure you have some thick skin. Some people are very opinionated, and if you don't agree it can get nasty. That said, you can learn a lot on these forums from some very knowledgeable people. Carry on!

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    Just to reiterate, take a basic CCW course and then another, slightly more advanced class as soon after the basic as you can. I'm right across the river from you in Omaha and there are a number of great courses all around here!
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    You can also look at GSSF they have a ladies program

  10. I would suggest finding a good instructor if you feel you've reached the extent of your husband's training ability. A Google search of certified instructors in Iowa may help. There is much more to learn than can be covered in 4 or 8 hours to be sure.

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    First off let me say how Great it is that you have made the choice to Carry, and protect yourself.

    There are Several Internet sites that have a vast Knowledge base for you to research.
    Another place to start is an Local gun shop,Usaully they have Instructors availible.

    Also, you can contact an Local Gun Club,or Range. Most of the time, they also have training Classes,Range training. You can also Contact the NRA.The NRA had Instructors Registeted in your area that you can Contact.

    If this is your First time beginning to shoot,I would look,or Invest in an nice Revolver to begin with. It's very Important that whatever weapon you decide to purchase, that it fits your hand like an glove.

    Caliber is not Important for your first time. Shot Placement is the best. As you progress in shooting, you can always move up to an larger Caliber.

    My Wife Started out with an .22 Caliber then as she became more Confident in herself, She moved up to, and Settled into an .357 Mag by Charter Arms

    Learning the basic Fundamentals of proper handling, and shooting. Until Finally she began to shoot better than myself.

    I offered my advice, and help to her every step of the way. But in the end she completed all of her training, and Knowledge on her own.

    I hope my Information helps you. Again It's nice to hear that you made the first steps on your own. If I can offer one piece of solid Information to you.

    It would be, Dont rush yourself, relax become Comfortable with your weapon.
    Dry firing in front of a mirror believe it, or not will help you 100% good luck to you.

    Learning to Carry,Shoot,Clean, your weapon is the best way to become Comfortable with yourself, and your Weapon.

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