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    carry ammo

    Can I carry range ammo while OC or does it have to be self-defense ammo!?! Michigan

  3. I can't find anything in Michigan's Firearms Laws compendium that talks about different types of ammunition anywhere, other than "armor piercing" being prohibited.

    So from that, Michigan doesn't classify any ammunition as "target" or "self-defense". Since they don't make a distinction, you should be good to carry whatever you want. (Obviously, I am not a lawyer, talk to a lawyer, etc, etc, etc.)

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    One of the major concerns with shooting is over-penetration. Range ammo is designed to give you a nice pretty hole in the target. If the shot hits a bone, it may be enough to prevent over-penetration. Defensive ammo is designed to spend the majority of it's energy upon sriking the target and expanding. It, too, may over-penetrate, but perhaps not as far or with as much energy. You are responsible for your projectiles, and want to take all steps to reduce bullet travel after striking the target. It may, or may not, be against the law to carry target ammo, but you must weigh the pro's and con's. Have a meaningful conversation with your firearms instructor, and go with what he/she recommends. It also wouldn't hurt to talk to a lawyer as well.
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    I am wondering why you would carry range ammo? I think that most OC or CC is for self defense... So why the range ammo?

  6. It would seem prudent to carry with ammo proven to function in your particular firearm plus whatever terminal performance you expect to need. My carry guns are loaded with ammo I've tested myself and am confident with. If you're just packing for "show" maybe you'd be just as well off leaving it unloaded.

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