I need Indiana laws help
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Thread: I need Indiana laws help

  1. I need Indiana laws help

    What are the Indiana laws regarding open carry I'm new to carrying a firearm and would like to know what my limits are for not concealing in this state

  3. check it out

    Check out the online version of this site it has all the laws but pretty much as long as you don't carry in a school, casino, or gov building you're pretty good.

  4. How can I safely tell an officer I am with then my rights to carry loaded openly

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    Check out this site's info on Indiana. It appears that there are some specific city ordinances in some areas of the state.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JeshKidney View Post
    What are the Indiana laws regarding open carry I'm new to carrying a firearm and would like to know what my limits are for not concealing in this state
    I live in Michigan near the Indiana border. Indiana to my knowledge is not a traditional open carry State as Michigan is. You have to have a permit to carry a handgun and that permit allows you to carry either openly or concealed. You didn't say where you are from but Indiana recognizes all permits whether resident or non resident and does issue non resident permits.

  7. I am from Indiana and I have a permit can I OC loaded where city law doesn't prohibit

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    There may be some further information on the Indiana section of this board. According to alduane, open carry does not sound very common or or even accepted in Indiana. Given that, it's hard to say what law enforcement will say or do when dealing with an open carry situation.

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    The only areas of Indiana where there can be blanket prohibitions on OC are in a couple of bastions of Liberalism and economic depression (but I repeat myself) where the politicos from there managed to carve out an exception for themselves in the otherwise state-wide pre-emption law. Unless you're in Gary or South Bend, I think you're pretty damn safe on a city street with your Indiana (or absolutely any other) gun license.

    Now, vis-a-vis open vs. concealed carry in Indiana, as has been said, the law stands mute, which, as any first year law student can tell you means it's not prohibitted, and what's not prohibitted is implicitly permitted, which is the default in a Constitutional Republic. On the other hand, it may or may not be seen as socially acceptable in one area or another, and of course, anything that you do that's not socially acceptable is liable to bring you to the attention of the police, police which may or may not be entirely up to speed on all of the nuances of Indiana firearms laws.

    Indiana law standing mute on open vs. concealed carry has been the standard for decades. That could mitigate or militate. Either it's a common fact drilled into every graduate of every police academy graduate in the state, or it's deemed so obvious that no one ever bothers to mention it to the new recruits. Regardless, you bring yourself to the attention of police, you're taking your life and liberty in your hands. Feel like rolling the dice?
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    OpenCarry.org - State Information For Indiana

    "Indiana is not a traditional open carry state. However, with an Indiana permit, open carry is legal."
    "Complete state preemption of firearms law except localities may regulate the carrying of firearms in land, buildings, or other real property they own or administer.

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    scroll down the following page or better yet read it all...has info you asked about


    or Google 'Indiana Concealed Carry Laws' and you'll see more sites with lots of info on the subject

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