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Thread: Carry question please help

  1. Carry question please help

    Hello everyone I have a question? When I was 16 I had a restraing on me from my girlfriends parents cause she got pregnant and we still saw eachother afterwards so I was arrested for that. Now my question is since then I am now 26 have legally got my permit to purchas and have bought several handguns. I have taken the carry class and passed will the juvenile records give me a problem for the carry permit? Any input would help the local Sheriff here in minnesota wouldn't help

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    As far as I know most juvenile records are wiped clean once you turn 18 I cannot see this hindering you from getting a permit. I assume that there was paper work that you had to fill out to take the carry class?? And if there were any problems with record issues it would have probably stopped you there do not quote me on it. Best thing would be to contact a lawyer and consult with him on the matter. Or her don't wanna be sexist

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    I am not a lawyer but i am from mn and have my permit. I think you will be ok on the basis it was not a felony or dimestic dispute arrest. I would try but you may want to ask a lawyer thats deals with these or a very experiance instructor may help you also

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    I would definitely check with an attorney. A juvenile record is supposed to be sealed, but if there is even a whiff of domestic violence on that restraining order it's a federal firearms disqualification and may cause you problems, juvenile or not.

  6. I honestly don't remember the details it was so long ago but if it was domestic wouldn't it restrict me from owing
    And buying a gun in the first place? Thanks for the help!

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    Spend the money. Consult an attorney. Bad idea to seek legal advice from faceless forum folks, especially on specific and current matters.

    Good luck.
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  8. I would think that if you were approved to guy a gun you should be able to get a permit to carry.

  9. Ok thanks for the info

  10. I'm no lawyer but if I was able to get a CCP with all the stuff I did and was arrested for as a juvenile I think you should be fine. I was arrested for quite a few felonies as a juvenile and I had no problem whatsoever getting a CCP here in VA.

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    You can legally posses a firearm, in MN, that means that you can also carry one. If you had no issues getting your permit to purchase, you will have no issues getting the carry permit.

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