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Thread: Ruger LC9 Pros and Cons?

  1. My only issue with my LC9 has been some bluing wearing off, but that's the nature of the beast.

    As far as the mag disconnect, it seems mine has malfunctioned and it no longer works. It's almost like someone disassembled it and modified the offending piece of hardware. Strange right?

  3. Liked mine so much I bought one for my son-in-law. Very accurate. Trigger takes some getting used to but will smooth out with use.

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    All good comments, guys~ I have a Glock G19, gen 3 and my wife (who is a brand new shooter) just purchesed a Ruger LC9 while she waits for her conceled carry permit to process in the Great Empire State (ah, that would be New York~~ ;)

    I Love my Glock 19 (10+1 capacity [max for the Great Empire State~~ :~/ ]) but it doesn't fit my hand too well and I always group to the left (even after moving the rear site to the right~ :~? I like the fact that my Glock has no manual safety and no magazine safety (now that I learned to keep my finger off the trigger [after transitioning from a Colt Tropper Mk III, i.e 20# DA trigger]) but the bad news is . . . I shot her Ruger LC9, looooooooooooooooooong double action trigger and all, better than my Glock REally~

    It's a Great 'little' gun. I can carry it in my front or rear pocket, or in our GPS case, it has a manual safety (which for my new-shootin wife is not a bad idea [especially since she may very well purse-carry it (I'm workin on that one~ ;) and the long double action trigger is not a bad idea for her until she becomes more attuned to the advantages of a better trigger. Her LC9 also has the LaserMax laser sight and has already shown itself useful as a training aid as she dry fires and pratices staging her trigger while maintaining a steady sight picture.

    I can see a nice striker-fired Glock or Sig in her arsenal down the road but for $429.99, with the laser sight, the Ruger has made a great starting point for her and a sweet pocket pistol for me~

    Be patient with the trigger. I am seeing it smooth out as we use it. Clean the daylights out of it before you go out and shoot it and dry fire it til your finger hurts and I think you'll notice that it becomes noticeably smoother in a very short time~Ruger LC9 Pros and Cons?-img_0559.jpg
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    Thanks for all the good information. Ya'll are great
    Mr Shorty

  6. I used to alternate between the lc9, my hohrbaugh r9, and my khar pm40 depending on how I dressed and where I was going. Have over 1000 rounds thru the ruger and to feed problems no matter what ammo. I shoot a lot so changing weapons isn't not a problem. Do have a side mount laser on the lc9. I've heard that even if you have a justified shooting that it is hard to get your weapon back from the police in my state so I now tend to carry the ruger more because it is cheaper. Yes I know that is dumb but I am frugal.

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    I carry an LC9 regularly.

    Trigger pull is long, but not an issue for me. This is a self-defense weapon...not a target pistol.
    Ruger gave in to California on the round-in-chamber indicator. It sticks up like a flag.

    Single stack 9 is easily concealed with OWB holster and a polo type shirt.
    Adjustable sights are kind of nice...once.
    The slide DOES lock back when magazine is empty.
    It's made by Ruger.

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    I agree with all the Pros and Cons listed above, so I'll just put that I wish it came with another mag for practice at the range. I also like that it comes with the extended floorplate to fit the pinky on and a flat floorplate as well. For me the extended floorplate is a much better feel.

  9. Pros:
    Size is great.
    Shoots well.
    Flawless function for me so far.

    Royal pain to disassemble and reassemble.

    I hear a lot of complaints about the trigger from other owners, but I don't have any problem with it.

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    Thinking about the LC9 myself. Carried a Glock 19 in Afghanistan for 2 years, and I own a Walther P99. But I would like a nice compact 9mm for CWC. Live in Maryland, so not sure if that will happen, or how long it will take. read lot of reviews on the LC9 , most favorable, next question is do I get it with the CT laser installed ?

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    I really like my LC9. The long trigger pull did smooth out after about 100 rounds. My other CC is the M&P 9c. As one other poster mentioned, I had some bluing rub off, but I use some Super Blue to fix that.
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