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Thread: Tried Open Carry for the first time.... didn't make it too far...

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    Quote Originally Posted by walknotinfear View Post
    I do remember carrying a weapon with my badge around my neck when I was a LEO going to and from the gun range. It always made me uncomfortable when someone was standing behind me. I had a habit of resting my elbow on my weapon because I was afraid someone would try to take my weapon. I only wore a level 1 retention holster back in the day when I was in plain clothes. So the idea of me and open carry is not my ball of wax if you know what I mean.

    No open carry in Florida. Even if they did allow us I would not open carry. I like the idea that no one knows I have a weapon on me. I feel open carry is kind of like yelling out, "LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME!". Just my 2 cents.
    You bet OC is kind of like yelling "LOOK AT ME!"... it is...

    "LOOK AT ME!" all you criminals who would do me harm and know I will not be an easy mark.

    it is....

    "LOOK AT ME!" all those who want to take away the rights of us "little people" so you can rule over us and know right from the beginning I know I have rights.

    it is....

    "LOOK AT ME!" ... and know that you too have rights.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ares338 View Post
    To me, carrying concealed and living in an Open Carry state is the best of both worlds. If someone sees your concealed pistol it doesn't matter. It's legal. 
    My creedo exactly

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