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    i must say that i was apprehensive at first, OC'ing. I have been CC'ing for years and decided that its finally time to exercise my Constitutional right and OC. I live in a city about 25 miles north of Dayton, Ohio and the LEO'S in my city along with the sheriffs department are some of the most informed officers i have encountered. Ive been approached only a couple times and in these instances it was for directions for a new officer, which i kindly gave them. Enough of that i hope everyone stays safe and protects the 2nd.

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    Good for you Cooper! I'm always glad to see another person step up and stop being afraid of what people might think.

    A word of caution.... please make sure, doubly sure, and then triply sure!!!, you know and understand all aspects of the laws that affect open carry in your State.

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    Ditto what Bikenut stated. I applaud you for exercising your right! Also use it for an opportunity to educate others when someone ask's you about your might find that there are others that want to join you as well.
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  5. Nice glad to hear you have good LEOs in the area. Just make sure you don't take legal advice from then or any other LEOs.

  6. My state, Oklahoma, has been trying to pass an open carry law, but I haven't been able to find the latest info on its progress. Can anyone suggest a specific thread?

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    Im new to hand guns, I oc because its Constitutional right. New Mexico has no problem with open carry, one thing new mexico is good for!

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    Welcome! The important thing is to carry how you are comfortable and situation awareness regardless of the preffered method!

  9. Hoping to get my CC permit soon.

  10. I am a new member on usacarry. I have CWP license in Florida.

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    Welcome to the forum!

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