Open Carry Oklahoma Signed
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Thread: Open Carry Oklahoma Signed

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    Open Carry Oklahoma Signed

    Open Carry is Law in Oklahoma effective Nov. 1, 2012. The law is only good for people with Concealed Carry Licenses and Reciprocosity is okay. A big day for Oklahoma! Won't have to worry if our shirt pulls up while reaching top shelf at Wal-mart or wind blowing our shirt up on the Motorcycle, lol. Remember, wait until Nov. 1
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    Come on Texas where are we?????

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    Considering how corrupt the legislature is in this state, this is an awesome accomplishment.

    Too many times in the past, the passage of open carry was just a show with an understanding it would NEVER make it to the governor.

    This is a refreshing moment. Many thanks to all who finally made this happen!


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