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    I am a proponent of open carry as long as the individual has the proper training and the wherewithal to distinguish when to open and when to conceal carry. Open carry is a great deterrent to crime but without proper training can be hazardous to your health. Goes without saying that either way training and familiarization and practice practice practice with your preferred weapon of choice. In today's times it does not pay to be anti gun when so many others(thieves, dealers and the like) are so pro gun, unless life holds little meaning for you. In order to preserve life you need to protect life.
    Question: What is your definition of "anti-gun"? If it's someone who thinks a right should be limited by capricious and ambiguous "rules" (or laws), you may want to go find a mirror.

    Plus, please define, with examples, of how open carrying a firearm "can be hazardous to your health" vs. other forms of carry.

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    I'm an older guy and when I walk to and from my vehicle I must look funny because I am checking out everything! I look at every person every space between all the cars on my route or close to it. My reflexes are not as good as a younger guys so I have to be alot more careful. I refuse to be a victim.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Firefighterchen View Post
    This has been posted before, but that is all right.

    I understand your point that situational awareness is the most critical aspect to your self defense, but I disagree about making a statement about open or concealed. There is a very good chance the guy would have never been chosen if he was open carrying. We will probably never find out though.
    I apologize my sarcasm didnt come through as it is difficult to express it in words some times. Like you , i think if he were open carrying he would not have been attacked although there is no guarantee. Just thought this guy may have used his element of surprise to get him out of the situation.
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    Even OCing you can be Robbed ! Criminals pick their victims based on your apperance, They look for what they think are easy Victims.
    In this case the BG got more than he expected too.

    I'm sorry this man was Targeted, and hope he recovers his belongings. You need to be aware at all times of everyone around you. Pay attention to poeple they will give away their intensions with their eyes.

    As I have always said, having an weapon does'nt gaurantee your safety. Best weapon we have is our minds, and always expect the Un-expexted. Pay Attention at all times. You can never drop your gaurd.

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    This guys gun very likely would not have been used against him in the robbery if he practiced open carry; it likely would have been taken from him by the police prior to this incedent. Minnesota is not a traditional open carry state. Open carry is "technically" legal with a Minnesota permit, but open carry is hardly approved by anyone with legal authority. If this individual did manage to somehow keep his gun until this incident he likely would have been safe because there would be several police officers around him, asking why he was brandishing his firearm in public. While open carry may prevent some attacks, it also advertises the fact that you have a valuable asset that may be worth taking by force should the opportunity be presented where an attack could be made. Awareness is the key to safety, with or without a firearm.

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    I think everybody is missing the point. ANYBODY can be sucker punched. I have been a correctional officer for 30 year and taught defensive tactics at 5 different prisons and facilities. I think I have developed a decent sense of situational awareness but as I stated, anyone can be sucker punched. It is pretty much impossible to go about your daily business and keep everyone at least 21 feet (think Tueller Drill) away from you. The open carry vs concealed carry debate does not really apply to this story. While there have been studies showing that criminals avoid people they know are armed that does not mean that this same tactic could not, or would not, have been tried and worked against an open carrier.
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