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    Post ruger to win

    Still trying 2 win

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    The LC9 is too small for me. I carry a SR9. I'd like to move up to a 1911.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bswartz15 View Post
    The LC9 is too small for me. I carry a SR9. I'd like to move up to a 1911.
    I rarely carry my SR9c anymore. Generally I carry my SR1911 and Brother, It feels Good!
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    Carrying a Walther PPS it! When the mood strikes, I slip the LCP into a pocket or pair of cutoffs.
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    I am in the process of getting the full line of Ruger's centerfire handguns. Thus far I have the SR9, SR9C, SR40C, LCP and the .38 revolver. I buy most of mine off of gunbroker or gunsamerica. As both are auctions I would attempt to double my chances by bidding on more than 1 at a time of a particular gun. After winning 2 of the same 3 times I have learned my lesson finally and will stick to bidding on just one at a time as I finish my collection. The LC's will be my next 2 purchases. My wife just got her CCL and I am still waiting for mine, but I think she will be most happy with the 38 as she will frequently limp wrist and make drawing the slide a little more difficult than it should. We shall see. Winning the give away of the LC9 would be nice and one less I will have to buy unless my wife decides she wants one in purple.

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