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Thread: How Many Of You Open Carry?

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    Texas, by God!
    I very much wish that Texas would make OC legal. Two reasons:

    1. It is a right
    2. It would eliminate the worry that an accidental gust of wind blowing your jacket to the side might cause you to loose your license.

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    I haven't open carried since I left New Mexico years ago. I would rather a BG be surprised than know up front what they're dealing with. Depending on how desperate they are, seeing you open carry may cause them to shoot first and then take what they want.

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    Open Carry

    Quote Originally Posted by Torch View Post
    I very much wish that Texas would make OC legal. Two reasons:

    1. It is a right
    2. It would eliminate the worry that an accidental gust of wind blowing your jacket to the side might cause you to loose your license.

    I agree, I would like to see it here in Texas for the same reason. I would not have to worry about having my licence suspended if my firearm shows. I would however still not carry open because I like having the element of supprise on my side.

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    I carried open after moving back to KY and before getting my CCDW. Not so much as an eyebrow raised here. No permit is needed, and it's not that uncommon. I've never heard of anyone being hassled over it. I now conceal, but like others have stated, it's nice that open carry is legal. If it happens to show, no harm, no foul.
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  6. open carry

    Our NM CCW instructor told us that the law is very strict here on open carry vs. concealed...that you must be one or the other. If your gun is completely revealed, that's legal. Completely concealed, that's legal. But if, as in the above example, you're concealed but the wind blows your jacket open, or someone recognizes that it's a gun in your back pocket, you can be popped for brandishing.

  7. I do not OC in public.
    It seeems that the majority of us agree that we would rather keep our tactical advantage and that "concealed" means "concealed." I also do not believe in pushing the envelope, especially if you know that OCing would be frowned upon in your county by the various local law enforcement agencies. Attitudes vary from county to county so I follow how, I expect the county that I reside in, would interpret OC.

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    The only OC in SC is when fishing or hunting. I'd rather carry concealed, however, I'd still like the option to OC.
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    Thumbs up I Open Carry

    I live in PA and work mostly in OH and VA and open carry in all 3 places.
    My primary purpose in OC'ing is to be a visible proponent of the 2nd Amendment.

    I live just outside Philadelphia (with an average of 1+ murders a day) and we're bombarded with 'evil guns' messages from the media on almost a daily basis. The Phila. based legislators are trying to pass 1 gun a month laws and go back to may issue for our license to carry firearms. I am a visible reminder that the 2nd amendment means something here in PA.

    I OC in VA because you have to when you go into a place that serves alcohol and it's just easier to OC rather than forget and inadvertently violate the law.

    I OC in OH because before April, you had to when in a vehicle and for the same reason as in VA - it was just easier to OC all the time rather than inadvertently violate the law.

    I post my OC stories over on

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    OC is asking for trouble.

    First off, you're giving away your tactical advantage and I'm sure there is some nitwit who thinks he can take it off you. Second, it scares the daylights out of the sheep.

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    Tactical Advantage.....

    As to tactical advantage - I maintain proper situational awareness and I've never had anyone even look like they wanted to take my firearm. If you are worried about retention - use a Serpa or other retention device. If you are carrying conceled or OC - your head needs to be on a swivel....

    As to scaring the sheeple - my perspective is that I'm educating the sheeple. Guns are not evil - only people can be evil. Firearms in the right hands protect us from evil people.

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