holster options for a S&W Sigma .40, suggestions?
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Thread: holster options for a S&W Sigma .40, suggestions?

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    holster options for a S&W Sigma .40, suggestions?

    I'm wondering who owns a Blackhawk Serpa Lvl 2 Sportster holster and has an opinion to offer on it? I'm looking at one for my new Sigma SD40 and for $33.99, I'm kind of curious as to the quality and the level of retention. Can anyone help me out before I make a decision? This is basically the same gun as the S&W SW40, if anyone has one... If you have any suggestions on other holsters as well, I would appreciate it.

    I'm planning on taking it small game hunting, and I really rough it sometimes, so retention is a must. But I also prefer sturdier holsters. Canvass just won't do it because I've ripped a few of the cheaper blackhawk sportsters (the $12 models at walmart) just climbing trees.

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    I have the S&W Sigma 9VE, which I still think is basically the same frame and slide and so on.... I have a Blackhawk Serpa holster with the trigger finger unlock retention (don't exactly know what model....). I absolutely love these holsters. I also have one for my XD 40 SC.
    The only thing I did, because I use the paddle attachments, is modify the little belt hooks that are on it, to make them easier to remove from your belt. If you want to know or see how I did that, let me know and I can show you.

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