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  • 3 Speed Holsters

    0 0%
  • Alabama Holsters The Ranger

    1 1.89%
  • Biancho Basket Weave

    0 0%
  • Blackhawk

    2 3.77%
  • Blackhawk Ambi hip holster

    1 1.89%
  • Blackhawk QCQ*

    0 0%
  • Blackhawk Serpa CQC*

    22 41.51%
  • Comp-tac paddle

    0 0%
  • Crossbreed Holsters

    9 16.98%
  • Desantis

    3 5.66%
  • Don Hume

    1 1.89%
  • Don Hume 721

    1 1.89%
  • Fobus paddle holster

    9 16.98%
  • K Holster

    1 1.89%
  • Old Faithful Holsters

    2 3.77%
  • Raven Concealement

    1 1.89%
  • Safari Level III

    2 3.77%
  • Uncle Mike's slider

    2 3.77%
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Thread: What is Your Favorite Open Carry Holster?

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    I have a variety of holsters, different styles, different manufacturers, but the ones I use the most are the leather pancake holsters with thumb snap. Don Hume for my XD45 and DeSantis for my 1911.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whodat2710 View Post
    I like my Blackhawk. I don't know model numbers etc., but it's molded to fit the gun (plastic or whatever) and has that trigger finger release mechanism that reinforces keeping finger placement while drawing. Adjustable cant, and inexpensive.
    I used the Blackhawk for several months before switching to the Safari. The Blackhawk is a good holster and got some bad press (undeserved) because some instructor and a few students shot themselves in the foot when drawing from it. Seems as though they couldn't depress the button properly and as the gun came out their finger wound up inside the trigger guard and BANG!!. Some instructors won't even allow the holster in class now. I have not had that problem as my finger falls alongside the flat of the gun right where it should be. I don't believe equipment can ever be blamed for causing accidents. Holsters don't make decisions, people do. Understanding how your equipment works is your responsibility and if you do that you shouldn't have a problem. Oh yeah, Practice, practice, practice helps too. I think it's called "muscle memory".
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    I'm a big fan of the raven concealment design.
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  5. Blackhawk Serpa CQC retention holster.

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    I enjoy carrying in my Don Hume 721. It's an all leather OWB holster that can serve for either concealed carry or open carry.

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    Any Blackhawk Serpa holster.

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    I use my Blackhawk Ambi hip holster the most. It fits all my guns except the pocket pistols. I take it hunting sometimes too.

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    Im partial to paddle holsters for comfort. The newer model serpas are pretty nice. The older models had some problems with operator error though.

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    I only have an Uncle Mike's slider but I am looking at the Safariland duty paddle holster.

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    Favorite Open Carry Holster.
    What is Your Favorite Open Carry Holster?-th_rugerrig2.jpg

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