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  • 3 Speed Holsters

    0 0%
  • Alabama Holsters The Ranger

    1 1.85%
  • Biancho Basket Weave

    0 0%
  • Blackhawk

    2 3.70%
  • Blackhawk Ambi hip holster

    1 1.85%
  • Blackhawk QCQ*

    0 0%
  • Blackhawk Serpa CQC*

    22 40.74%
  • Comp-tac paddle

    0 0%
  • Crossbreed Holsters

    9 16.67%
  • Desantis

    4 7.41%
  • Don Hume

    1 1.85%
  • Don Hume 721

    1 1.85%
  • Fobus paddle holster

    9 16.67%
  • K Holster

    1 1.85%
  • Old Faithful Holsters

    2 3.70%
  • Raven Concealement

    1 1.85%
  • Safari Level III

    2 3.70%
  • Uncle Mike's slider

    2 3.70%
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Thread: What is Your Favorite Open Carry Holster?

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    being from OK I do have many Don Hume holsters, and they are great holsters, but for open carry, I want to hear that "seat belt" click that only a serpa holster can give me. I can draw quickly, actually quicker from the Blackhawk than from a leather thumb break model holster.

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    My favorite is Cooks holsters available at Cooks Holsters Kydex IWB holsters, IWB holster

  4. Aegis Armory "Sheild" for my Glock 19 Gen 4 is my favorite and most comfortable "Everyday" carry holster at the moment, now in the Winter time when a jacket is needed I sometimes wear a cheaper brand Molded Nylon belt slide holster for my R1 1911, it's also very comfortable for fullsize carry. Thinking of trying out appendix carry for a few of my smaller pistol but haven't made my mind up fully yet.

  5. Aegis "Sheild" Hybrid.......

    Sorry just saw the poll post. Lol

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    My open carry is many times also my concealed carry. I switch between:
    a) Galco Cop 3 Slot Holster Right Hand Black.
    b) Galco Miami Classic 2 Shoulder Holster System Right Hand Leather Black.
    Devin K. Noffsinger

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    I seldom oc but use a paddle holster when I do

  8. Quote Originally Posted by thom1995 View Post
    I seldom oc but use a paddle holster when I do
    Lately ive been using a paddle holster for both cc and occasional oc. Safariland RH 5181

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  9. If its OC, they comfort is priority one (ok, following safety) so I opt for a hip holster.

  10. Blackhawk Serpa. Also use it for my CC when I'm wearing a button up style shirt or jacket.

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    "ULTRA Concealed Carry Holster" by Deep Conceal LLC for my CPX-2 or SR40c.

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