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    I need some fast advice

    I will be attending an anti gun rally tomorrow in Mooresville. I have been searching state laws concerning open carry at a public assembly. The only law I found sounds confusing

    Events that occurring in public
    1. it's talking about abortion clinics then it says on public property owned by the state.
    The event is happening in downtown Mooresville.

  3. Is the demonstration being help on state or local govt. land? Is the person putting on the demonstration a govt. official? Are there going to be signs saying Firearms are not allowed? Is a riot liable to break out? If you can answer 'Yes' to any of these, DO NOT carry. Let your signs and your voice be your defiance, not anything you can be arrested for or lose your rights over.

    Just my opinion and interpretation of the document. YMMV

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    In NC you might be looking at problems being at a demonstration, be very very careful!
    this is not official but here is what I found

    Places in North Carolina where guns cannot be carried, with or without a carry permit, include:
    Law enforcement facilities
    Government office buildings
    Financial institutions
    Funeral processions
    Picket lines
    Assemblies where a fee is charged for admission
    Establishments where alcohol is sold for on-premesis consumption
    Private establishments with signs posted barring guns
    Any place where gun possession is barred by federal law

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    The Magic 8-Ball says, "Don't push your luck."

    Let your gun therefore be your constant companion of your walks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigrebnc1861 View Post
    I will be attending an anti gun rally tomorrow in Mooresville.
    I HOPE you are going as the voice of reason and dissent! If it is a public rally in public place and you have a legal right to carry concealed I don't think it would be a problem. I personally would not open carry in that situation, for the reasons stated above and for the fact that you'll probably be WAYYYY outnumbered! They might not know how to shoot you with it but they can damn sure beat you with it.

    Damn, I just noticed that it was NORTH Carolina. I'd be scared of anything in the north ! Don't bring a gun, bring friends.

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    I am always reminded of my Mother's admonition in situations like this. "Don't poke a skunk."

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    I would think the "Demonstration" word would make it unlawful for you to attend carrying a weapon. They'd probably define a rally as a demonstration. You'd better call a sensible attorney. O' wait. What an oxymoron that is! :o)
    I agree with Roguesam's Mom: Don't poke a skunk.
    Stop, Drop, and Roll won't work in Hell.
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    How did it go? Feedback.

    I'd bring a sign "I'm carrying concealed and Proud of it." :o
    It's better to die upon your feet than to live upon your knees!-Emiliano Zapata

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    Don't poke a skunk works for me, my mom would just say that dog will bite.

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