New gun, need a an open carry/ duty holster
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Thread: New gun, need a an open carry/ duty holster

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    New gun, need a an open carry/ duty holster

    My .40 cal Springfield XDM was stolen about a week ago and I needed a new, affordable gun, so I went out and purchased an Arcus 98DA on Wednesday. Not exactly a well-known brand, but it's a lot of gun for the money ($400+tax). The only problem is, I couldn't find any holsters made specifically for that particular model of gun. I purchased a generic nylon holster for use while on duty (I'm a security guard), but I hate it. Is anyone else familiar with this particular model and if so, where might I be able to find a holster made specifically for this gun that is suitable to be used as a duty holster?

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  3. Wasn't really familiar with that one, so I did a search.. this is what I found:

    Supposedly holsters for the Sig 229 (not the Serpa holsters) work well
    Arcus 98DAC Accessories

    Or the Smith&Wesson 659
    Arcus 94 - 1911Forum

    Best info I found was:
    On Holsters

    The Arcus is a bit of a stretch for standard High Power holsters. Most is not all of the off the shelf brands will accommodate the High Power. Strong side holsters from Gould and Goodrich, as an example, accommodated the Arcus but be certain the pistol’s squared trigger guard does not conflict with your choice. This is a good point in favor of patronizing a well stock shop. In custom holsters, the Watch Six from Milt Sparks is well designed inside the waistband holster from the shop offering the original Summer Special. The Watch Six is of thinner leather than many other Milt Sparks products, in order to allow the greatest concealment potential. As such, it accepted the Arcus just fine. After using the Arcus in this holster for a few months, it would probably be a bit oversize for use with a standard High Power. The Watch Six offers excellent fit and finish and while I am not in favor of mismatching fit and handguns, the Arcus seemed to like the Watch Six. This is a first class rig.
    A Hard Look At The Arcus Pistol

    Good luck, Hope this helps.

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