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    Quote Originally Posted by grovemonkey View Post
    I prefer to error on the side of caution when I see things as unclear. If you'd rather not, that's fine. Thanks for the opinion.
    I totally agree, whether it is "corporate policy" or his personal opinion in the end it is his business and his rules. A lot of places have a policy to follow the state laws that the business is located. For example here in WA since OC is legal, places like Safeway, Walmart, and Starbucks to name a few are OK as long as you (the customer) are legal to carry then carry on. Like I said if I was ever told that guns weren't allowed, I would let them know my wallet was attached and would take my business elsewhere.

  3. It's not a question of error on the side of caution. When you ask you put them in a position of taking a position when they may not have had a formal position before. That can hurt us all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sir Diealotz View Post
    I frequent the local McDonalds in KY while open carrying and never an issue. I call BS as well.

    One always gets a happy meal. The other gets mcnuggets and the dog gets a plain cheeseburger.
    I get subway LOL
    I open carry at Mickey D's in Ohio without incident as well.
    I doubt that Mickey D's has different company policies for different states.
    I do know they restrict their employees for carrying on the premises.
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    In the 90s Atlanta cops and the mayors tried to give people a hard time initially and briefly got on Wendell Gauthier's lawsuit bandwagon but the legislature responded with pre-emption, Castle Doctrine and Stand Your Ground laws; needless to say gun control died a quick death within I-285.

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