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Thread: Open Carry in Mississippi - July 2013???

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    Hinds County Circuit Judge Winston Kidd has issued a permanent injunction keeping the Open Carry Law from going into effect. In his order, Judge Kidd called House Bill 2 "unconstitutionally vague and shall not take effect until such time as the Mississippi Legislature reviews, amends or clarifies House Bill 2 to accomplish its intended purpose.

    House Bill 2 does more than define "concealed." It creates confusion and chaos with respect to the enforcement of gun laws here in this state. House bill 2 does not clearly set forth "who is allowed to openly carry a weapon in a holster. Certainly our legislature did not mean to allow anyone and everyone to openly carry a weapon in a holster. Next, House Bill 2 does not state "where" an individual can openly carry a weapon in a holster. If this law goes into effect, individuals will attempt to openly carry weapons anywhere and everywhere. This can not possibly be the intent of our legislature...."

    Judge Kidd then later said something rather interesting:

    "The granting of the injunction will merely delay House Bill 2 from immediately taking effect and will not infringe upon an individual's right to bear arms."

    I don't know what the confusion is. If you haven't been disbarred by a court of law from owning a firearm (felons, domestic violence, mental illness, etc.), i.e., you are a law-abiding citizen, you can carry openly carry a firearm. As to where, if you can't carry there with a regular concealed carry permit, then you can't carry there openly. Yes, someone is going to push the limits just so they can make a statement. Just ignore them.

    One more thing, Hinds County encompasses Jackson, just listed as the 8th Most Dangerous City in the US. Just curious as to exactly who they are trying to protect.

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    Open Carry in Mississippi - July 2013???

    Rest assured this isn't over. When State Attorney General Hood first approached the Mississippi State Supreme Court when Judge Kidd initially ordered the temporary injunction they refused to give any ruling on procedural grounds rather than on the merits of the case. They effectively left the door open for an appeal once the case played out in Judge Kidd's courtroom. Well it's played out and I'm confident that Attorney General Hood will file an appeal tomorrow (7/15) and the Supreme Court will throw out the injunction once they consider the merits of the case.
    No one was deceived. HB2 did exactly what it was presented to do. Define concealed for purposes of the carrying a firearm. No where in HB2 will you find the term "open carry". That aspect is a constitutional right and must be addressed as such.
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  4. Mississippi Supreme Court upholds HB2, Judge Kidd over ruled

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