The face of liberal tolerance and gun control’ in Seattle, says OC citizen
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Thread: The face of liberal tolerance and gun control’ in Seattle, says OC citizen

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    The face of liberal tolerance and gun control’ in Seattle, says OC citizen

    The face of liberal tolerance and gun control’ in Seattle, says OC citizen

    UPDATED: Spanaway resident Steve Coffman was waiting for a bus in downtown Seattle Tuesday afternoon, minding his own business, leaning against a wall listening to music and answering e-mail when he was verbally accosted by a man who – according to Coffman’s account published on the WaGuns forum – challenged his manhood, insulted him and otherwise tried to provoke him
    Coffman was openly carrying a handgun in a peaceable manner, an act that is perfectly legal in Washington as recognized by court rulings including State v. Gregory E. Casad. Before the incident was finished, the unidentified do-gooder allegedly demanded to know whether Coffman thought of himself as the “next George Zimmerman” and suggested he “must have a small *****,” according to Coffman’s account. In the end, when Coffman advised the man he was being photographed, he made a vulgar gesture with his middle finger, which Coffman posted to Facebook.

    “We note that, in connection with this case, several individuals have commented that they would find it strange, maybe shocking, to see a man carrying a gun down the street in broad daylight. Casad’s appellate counsel conceded that she would personally react with shock, but she emphasized that an individual’s lack of comfort with firearms does not equate to reasonable alarm. We agree. It is not unlawful for a person to responsibly walk down the street with a visible firearm, even if this action would shock some people.”—State v. Gregory Casad, Washington State Court of Appeals

    Rest of the story
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    I love the idea of taking his picture and posting it to Facebook.

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    It sounds like what the person did, could equate to assault and could have been arrested. (not the one with the gun, but who confronted them).

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    Guy doing the confronting is not too bright. The person he confronted is 6'9". Why would you want to piss off someone that big? He showed a lot of composure despite the idiot.

  6. Thanks for posting this. As a wa resident i like to keep up to date on legal cases that may affect 2a rights.

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  7. Seattle is known for being a hot bed of liberals and the King County law enforcement has a long history of harassment - and charging folks with brandishing for the mere sight of hardware.

    Thank goodness I am no longer on the Left Coast!

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    Liberal Tolerance is an oxymoron...

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