Just Got My CWP
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Thread: Just Got My CWP

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    Hello all, This is my first time on USA Carry. Just excited that I finally received my CWP in the mail and have joined this group of likeminded patriots.

  3. Congrats and welcome from Washington, I know I would be excited and I was when I recieved mines.

  4. Congrats, its a big step, stay safe & carry on, from WA

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    I'm waiting (impatiently) to get mine back in the mail. Welcome to the group. :-)

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    Welcome, you have taken an important step towards protecting you and your family as well as protecting your rights under the law.
    We all were happy and excited to join such an important group that our founding fathers created, Constitutional supporters.
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    I just finished my class on concealed carry and received my certificate. I have not applied for the license yet, but very soon. I guess we are running 90 days to receive the license at this point. GunSmoke (in Colorado) offers a 5 day training class on carrying and I really want to take that, Rich makes it sound so interesting - and hey carrying comes with a lot of responsibility so this training will be very handy.

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    Welcome, and congratulations. But, um not wanting to be captain obvious this is the Open Carry thread.

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    Try to watch one or more gun safety videos daily on you tube, and follow sound advice you find in them.

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    Congrats and welcome to the fraternity.
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    Quote Originally Posted by golddigger14s View Post
    Welcome, and congratulations. But, um not wanting to be captain obvious this is the Open Carry thread.
    Oh the irony, SC is one of the few with no OC.
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