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  1. What to carry?

    Still pondering a CCW. Have about narrowed the choices to .38 special and .380 auto.

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    I've got a Bersa Thunder .380 and love it,I carry it daily. I've never had a .38 though.

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    Colt Combat Commander .45acp
    Chuck Norris/Ted Nugent 2016! That's the Ticket!

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    Both great CCW choices, My S&W 642 is one of my most carried these days, I've also got a Bodyguard 380 for when I REALLY need to hide it, but the Small .38's are small enough to hide well, but still something to hold on to. For the cold months I go bigger. but I'm not into "dressing around" my gun or fearing bending or twisting the wrong way and printing, I also OC, but when I'm concealing, it like to keep it that way.

  6. OK, so looks to me like your choice is now revolver or semi-auto. A J-frame Smith is a time proven choice and there are a number of semi-autos that fit the bill well. Suggest a new model which is rated for +P ammo.

    I carry a P3AT commonly simply because its small, lite, and easy to stuff in a pocket.

  7. I either carry a full size Para GI Expert 1911 or a Ruger LCR in 357 Magnum. Both are great guns.

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