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    Recently finished up our annual Sturgis run and as I'm an OC advocate, I did open carry all the time west of the Mississippi River. Well, most of the east side to as we came up through Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky and Indiana, all of which are favorable to OC.

    This included Devil's Tower and Mt Rushmore, to say the least.

    No problems with the Park Rangers, Park Police (heavily armed and with body armor) nor with any of the tourists from all over who are swarming those destinations in the middle of summer.

    As I did not enter any of the Park Police/Ranger offices, I would imagine those are still off limits, as are any other "police" type building.

    AD (hmm, why can't I get these messages to format/paragraph out properly?)

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    National Parks?

    Interesting reply on this topic planning on taking family to Rushmore Yellowstone in future and never thought about carrying laws with me. Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by jfisch View Post
    What powers do park rangers have? I would guess less than a LEO. From my experience they're nothing more than glorified tour guides. Most states require you to carry your "documentation" especially if you're from our of state but as I've learned recently until you have broken a law you don't need to show it to anyone.
    There are different types of National Park Rangers. Law Enforcement Rangers have full police powers. Interpretive Rangers have no law enforcement authority, and are the tour guide - answer questions type of Ranger. As far as I know their uniforms are the same, except for the badge, and except that LEO Rangers wear firearms. Some non-LEO Rangers also wear firearms in remote areas for self defense.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by ADulay View Post
    As I did not enter any of the Park Police/Ranger offices, I would imagine those are still off limits, as are any other "police" type building.
    Federal buildings where firearms are prohibited are required to be posted as such by 18 USC 930, Federal law. In Washington State, it is a violation of state law to prohibit firearms in the public portions of county and city "police" type buildings :-), and perfectly legal to carry firearms until you enter the secured area where prisoners are processed.
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