Open carry in NV and OR
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Thread: Open carry in NV and OR

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    Open carry in NV and OR

    Nevada and Oregon are open carry states (with some restrictions in OR). Anybody have any problems doing this? I traverse Nevada to enter Idaho and would like to know it there is any problem carrying openly. Car rules? Same with Oregon, looking to leave the lovely liberal state of Commifornia and find somewhere away from the land of fruits and nuts.

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    No problems open carrying in Oregon outside of the municipalities that restrict loaded open carry.

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  4. WA is open carry too, but NOT in your vehicle, that is considered concealed here, for whatever reason, so would need to be unloaded.

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    WA is covered under the Utah permit. No problem there.

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    Nevada is good for all of it no worries
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    If I remember correctly, when you get in your rig here in NV, you have to remove your firearm from your side or its considered CCing. But there is the possibility I am wrong.
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    Move to could strap your gun to your forehead and be good!!!!

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