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    I feel for you. It takes 1000s of rds of careful shooting to master the "mere" 22 to any significant level. Centerfire mastery cant be had without reloading, or becoming good friends with someone who is a massive reloader. A used .22, from a private party, can be had for $250, and sold the same way, brings $200. Nobody says that you must KEEP it, and at NORMAL prices, it is saving you 20c per shot or more. So in 2500 rds, it's paid for the "loss' you'd take when you sell it. I refer to something like the Browning Buckmark. The $125 Phoenix HP22 is a pretty good little gun, but it's SA, too. With the 5" barrel, it's fairly accurate. There's YouTube videos about how to modify the stupid safety. I just glued it out of the way and lowered or cocked the hammer with my thumb. cause the safety is pot metal and will quicky wear to the danger point. One day at the range, normal prices of ammo, pays for any loss you might take when you sell the HP, and 3 range trips does so for the used Buckmark.

    As a kid, i had a ton of fun learning combat style work with a .22 Llama auto, as well as fast draw with the SA auto. I had a 1911, but couldn't get .45 ammo, at any price, due to my being only 17 and the law stopping ammo from being mailed to anybody. I found an source of .22 ammo, who was ignorant of the law tho. :-) I used to spend all my lunch money buying .22 ammo. Had to eat the relish, catsup and mayo that the Dairy Queen put out for burgers! :-) Shorts cost 60c a box, my lunch money was $1.75 for the week. (1968)

    For accuracy, I had a Savage 101 single shot .22, handgun, set up to look like a Ruger Bearcat SA revolver. It would group 1" at 25 yds, from a braced firing positon and I could regularly hit starlings at that distance, from the Weaver. this wowed my buddies, who could barely do so with a rifle. they didn't understand groups or how to zero a set of sights, breathing, etc. I ccw'd them both, working on a hog farm evenings and weekends and killed a lot of critters with them. (mostly the Savage, but sometimes the rapidfire of the Llama was called for.

  3. XDM Sub Compact. 9mm its a great firearm, plus you get alot of extras with it.

  4. Many thanks for the words of advice. 9mm will most likely be my caliber of choice (due to price and availability). As this will be a home defense weapon, a large concer is the fact that I live in an apartment. The past thing I want is for a round to travel through a wall and injure one of my neighbors. I have heard some lighter rounds don't have that wall penetrating power, but still retain enough stopping power.

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    YOU can google for MagSafe ammo, specifially their SWAT loads, for limited penetration in building walls. about $2 a shot, tho. So if you are one of the fools who "thinks' that he just HAS to do all of his practicing with what he carries, or even need to fire 100 rds of it testing, it's a bit expensive. However, all that normally means is get rid of some of the "sport only" toys, and quit wasting ammo on plinking, slowfire stuff, shotgunning clay pigeons, etc. some "think' that the MagSafes with lead pellets in them "lack penetration" in flesh. All I can say is that people who "think" that have never shot any animals with such stuff. Altho I wouldn't use the 380 variant of their ammo, I wouldn't use a 380, period, with factory ammo. It's also somewhat feasible, sometimes, to use a short barreled shotgun and #2 birdshot, but not smaller shot. The smaller stuff DOES lack adequate penetration in clothing and sternum bone.

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    Find a range that has rentals. There are a couple near me where you pay for the rental, lane, and ammo. Then you can try as many different guns as they have. It is always best to try actual shooting. If appropriate (and based on your original post, I think it might be), find a place where you can buy a lesson along with trying several guns. Some concealed carry classes even offer trying different guns. That way you'll know enough to make an informed decision. There are so many choices: caliber, firing mechanism (DA/SA hammer, striker, DAO hammer, SAO hammer, and so on.) Someone here suggested looking at SCCY. I strongly suggest NOT looking at SCCY. The worst POS pocket gun I ever had was an SCCY--essentially a cheapened (if that's possible) Kel-Tec. Went back to the factory three times and finally went back for good.
    Big brand names are going to be a safer bet. Smith & Wesson, Glock, Springfield Armory, Ruger. If you have to wait and save up, that's better than buying junk at the beginning. Smith and Wesson used to have, and may still, a cheaper line of guns. I've heard fairly little good about them. See what the cheapest S&W M&P or cheapest Glock sell for, and that is your minimum, IMO. And as someone else mentioned, the gun is just your down payment, since you'll spend a lot more in ammo learning and practicing.

  7. I've fired a friend's Glock before and I just don't care for it. Not anything I can describe in words, it just didn't feel right. Nothing against them as a manufacturer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by B_Erbaugh View Post
    I've fired a friend's Glock before and I just don't care for it. Not anything I can describe in words, it just didn't feel right. Nothing against them as a manufacturer.

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    The grip angle on the Glock is an issue for some people. Personally, I found it pretty easy to adapt to. However, Glock is only one of a half dozen or so mfrs of striker-fired guns.

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    I am also looking at getting my first pistol. I have a few challenges to work out...I have carpal tunnel in my dominent hand; I am left handed; I have a right leg which is very weak and makes me have to change my stance to accommodate the pain and weakness; I also have tremors in my hands; arms and legs of unknown origin.

    That all said, I had my heart set on a Glock 17. Then I held a Glock - I did not like how it felt - it felt very top heavy to me. Then I was set on a Beretta PX4 Storm. Then I saw the Ruger LC9 and LCP...and now I am in love with both of those guns. I have not yet shot any of those guns. So...everyone's advice about shooting several weapons before deciding is sound.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick Burkhardt View Post
    The 9mm Beretta Px4 Storm in Full size or Compact is a hammer fired double/single action pistol with a decocker/safety that is good for a first time pistol owner. I picked mine up for $499 back in April, but you may be able to find one for less now that the "ban panic" has subsided.

    If you buy the compact model, can you use the full size magazine in it ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kennydale View Post

    If you buy the compact model, can you use the full size magazine in it ?
    Yes. Compact and Sub Compact Px4 Storms will accept the larger models magazines. Beretta even makes a 20 round 9mm magazine.

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